The Galaxy Note 10 camera releases 3D and AR functions

Sarah Tew / CNET

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is releasing new features on the camera so that users can take advantage of 3D tools, augmented reality, better stabilization and blur videos.

Samsung showed on Wednesday, August 7, the new features during the presentation of the device, with the help of designers and illustrators. One of the functions in Note 10 takes advantage of augmented reality to take any object such as a toy or a stuffed animal, take a photo and then edit it to place it on a live image.

Note 10 can also use the scanned object to make the same body movement as a person. Using 3D and augmented reality, the Note 10 also allows you to place three-dimensional objects on a real-life photo. When the user moves, they can see objects created with the S Pen from different angles.

The rear camera of the Note 10 is also able to add blur effects (bokeh) in videos, after which for many years most phones offer the same effect but only in photos. The effect allows you to add a subtle blur, a more marked one, or modify the background color of the video and even add an old effect.

As for video news, the Note 10 also allows you to improve audio recording through zoom. When the user is recording a video and zooms to a particular space, the microphone focuses on saving the audio of that space in specific. The Note 10, also on video, has a new function called Hi-Motion, which offers better stabilization when recording on the move.

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