The iPhone 11 will not have these improvements to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus

On the left, a filtered photo of the supposed design of the iPhone 11 Max and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus just released.

Photo leaked @ VenyaGeskin1 / CNET

The new Galaxy Note 10 Plus It is one of the strongest rivals for iPhone 2019, which for now we will call iPhone 11 in the absence of confirming this name. Apple has maintained a slightly linear development of its devices in recent years, and if we listen to the rumors, the cell phones that will appear this year do not seem to surpass the new Samsung star in several sections.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 11 or 2019 in September, and rumors indicate that at least three models will arrive. We are going to analyze the leaks related to the top model, the iPhone 11 Max, which can be better compared with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Design: iPhone 11 without improvements

  • iPhone 11 Max: We do not expect great news in the design of the new iPhone. The truth is that according to rumors the 2019 iPhone will have few aesthetic changes. We expect the same fiberglass, maybe new colors, few bevels, the eyebrow still in the same position … although the camera will probably change, will have a square shape and will be three rear sensors. The screen is expected to be 6.5 inches OLED.
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Samsung's new cell phone has a more elongated design, its screen is 6.8 inches, has almost no bevels, the front camera is a small hole, so there is no eyebrow. In the back the cameras are aligned, the cell phone is fiberglass, and comes in four vibrant colors with a particular flash: black, white, sunflower and blue.

If Apple repeats the design of the iPhone XS and XS Max in full 2019, it is very likely that the Galaxy Note 10 can easily beat you in this section, especially thanks to that iridescent color capable of reflecting the light. In addition, the iPhone XS Max already sits slightly larger in the hand than the Note 9.

Specifications: Galaxy Note 10 Plus with vitamins

  • iPhone 11 Max: The iPhone 11 Max can be boring on the outside according to rumors but inside it will house pure gold. We hope that this cell phone has a new A13 processor, the A12 being one of the best in the last year and 4GB of RAM and Apple has already shown that it doesn't take much to optimize the operation of its cell phones. We do not expect a 5G version of this cell phone, because this technology is not expected on Apple phone until 2020. This cell phone will not have a fingerprint sensor.
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Samsung's cell phone has been launched with the Snapdragon 855 processor in the United States and with the Exynos 9825 in many other countries. This is the best processor for Android phones at this time, to which we must add its 12GB of RAM.

In this section both companies have shown how to make good use of the resources of each team, although the important thing is not only in the power, but in the details. What can you do with that powerful processor? iOS 13 does not give us clues that the iPhone will have multitasking, something that Samsung has in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, to this we must add the new qualities for video game lovers, who seem to make the South Korean cell phone a star to execute internal resources, prevent the battery from being spent quickly, and the cell overheats.

Apple has a good graphic management on its phones and the games work correctly, although it does not have a section where you can give or subtract resources to the games so that other apps run in the background.

At the moment we do not know how to be the battery of the iPhone 11 Max or iPhone of 2019, but that of the iPhone XS Max was 3,179mAh and we lasted 13 hours in our laboratory tests. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is 4,300mAh and also includes fast charging of 25 watts and supports up to 45 watts.

It has not transcended storage information on the iPhone of 2019, but the Note 10 Plus maintains microSD expansion slot.

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Cameras: the iPhone 11 Max will put the batteries

  • iPhone 11 Max: The camera of the iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XI Max or iPhone 2019 be one of the great improvements of the Apple cell phone. Reports indicate that it will have three sensors, although the most important will be its 3D capabilities, which will also be seasoned with iOS 13, which includes a new gallery, greater possibilities for video editing, among other improvements. The front camera will be 12 megapixels, and there are not many rumors about it. Some reports say that Apple will add a wide-angle sensor for the first time to one of its phones, although this still has to be seen.
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Samsung's cell phone came with four cameras, and its sensors have new features such as variable aperture, wide angle, telephoto and flight time, to which we add optical stabilization. Samsung has added video capture with blurred background, the videos no longer shake as with the Note 9 and now you can scan objects and people in 3D and give them life in videos.

It is no secret to anyone that Apple has been quite late when it comes to cameras. Huawei, Samsung and even LG have incorporated improvements such as night mode, variable aperture and better video capture, respectively. Apple launched the light modes for portrait mode, but its cameras have not generally stood out for anything else. Surprise us in its autumn launch?

iPhone 11 Max vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus

In general, we hope that the iPhone 11 Max (if that is its name) has a better processor, great improvements in the cameras, Face ID inside the screen something that could help reduce the eyebrow and even compatibility with the Apple Pencil, although We are not sure how it will work with the cell phone, or if there is a new device for this purpose.

We do not expect Apple to change to USB Type-C port, the iPhone being the only one of the company's new devices with Lightning port and something very rumored is that it will have a reversible charge to charge the AirPods.

The Note 10 Plus has many qualities. The S-Pen has improved and now you can execute actions areas, you can draw in the videos and your writings you can convert them to Word text. It also has a new function to wirelessly connect the cell phone to a Windows computer for notifications and photos, something similar to Apple Continuity, which makes it a cell phone that increasingly focuses on productivity.


The iPhone 11 Max is not expected to cost less than $ 1,100. The iPhone XS Max 64GB currently costs US $ 1,099 and the 256GB US $ 1,249. If Apple wants to compete with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, it will have to increase its input storage and adjust the price. The Samsung Cell phone costs US $ 1,099 but has 256GB and also a microSD slot for storage expansion, in addition to other additional benefits such as the S-Pen.

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