Adobe Premiere Rush now lets you edit slow motion and fast camera

In Android there are countless video editors with very interesting features to put aside the computer. These are not so complete, but with a little experience you can create great videos from your mobile. One of the best examples is found in Adobe Premiere Rush. This editor came to Android a year ago and is listed as the best for edit video semi-professionally. The desktop suite allows us to do it in a professional way, but with a mobile now you can also make great videos. Today we have good news for all users who want edit some video on Android.

Adobe Premiere Rush has been updated with two of the most important news that users ask. He hasn't had a time control for video clips for a year. These are not pruned slow down or speed up, something quite necessary when editing a video with care and detail. Both features have just been added.

You can now speed up or slow down videos with Adobe Premiere Rush

The application is now a little more complete and leaves us with two functions very requested by all users. From this moment you can make videos in slow motion and fast camera. If you add a video clip at normal speed, you can select a part of that video to go slower. This effect is very interesting and gives great professionalism to the edited video.

The same goes for accelerated videos. If you have recorded a sunset now you can accelerate the clip to make a kind of timelapseThese two options now offer many more possibilities when it comes to editing video in a very simple way. Unlike desktop versions, Premiere Rush is easy to use. In a few minutes you will have complete control of almost all functions and you can start editing.

There is bad news and this editor is paid. You can download it for free on your Android, although later the application will request a monthly fee of about 10 euros / dollars. It is a fairly high amount for most, but we have good news. You can export up to 3 videos without paying. If you want to edit a video in a spiritual way you can do it with this application.

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