Delete mobile data before selling it

There are many reasons why you may be considering changing your phone, either because yours has a broken screen, because of the short duration of your battery, or because the new wave of smart phones with infinite screens and better cameras put you on Long teeth

That is why we have prepared this report in which we show you how to delete the mobile data before selling it, making sure that you have a backup copy of all the information and have deleted your associated accounts.

The sale of your mobile in the second hand market can provide you with extra money that you can reinvest in the purchase of the new one. That is why it is convenient to know how to erase and delete everything stored inside it, including your microSD memory cards.

Thus, we want to share with you some tips and ways to proceed before putting your phone for sale or transfer it to someone familiar to grant a second life of use.

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You should know that according to a study published by Certideal, a platform dedicated to the sale of second-hand reconditioned devices, two out of every five phones sold to third parties, retain personal information of the owner.

The data is extracted from all those sales that occur in second-hand portals. Just as alarming is the information that all those who are taken to repair contain, without thinking about how exposed our information is.

Thus, the most immediate recommendations to prevent your personal data from surfing the net or can be used to extort, go through the following aspects:

Activate the backup

In both Android and iOS versions, it is not difficult to locate the function that allows you to perform a backup and restore within the phone settings.

Access the settings menu of your Android phone and within General access the Backup and restore option. Check later in your Gmail account that the data and contacts of your device have been copied.

If you have a Google account associated with your terminal, you will find it easy to recover the configuration on your new mobile, something that also happens with Apple and iTunes if you have everything properly synchronized.

Format the micro SD memory card

Do not forget that in the case of Android models, it is common to have expanded the internal storage of the mobile with an external micro SD card.

If you want to delete the information, access the Settings menu and in the General tab you will find the Storage option. Select the option to Remove the SD card and once inside the menu, select the option Format the SD card.

Do not forget to retrieve it and do not leave it on the terminal. Despite carrying out the reset By default, the SD card will have remained unchanged. You can use it as an information backup, or format it for use on another device.

Delete the history, cookies and browser information

You will be surprised at the amount of information that is collected within our browsing history, including in some cases even passwords and passwords. This happens if when accessing pages we have clicked on the act of remembering password.

In this way, before leaving the mobile phone in a repair shop, or giving it up for any question, it is convenient to proceed with the deletion of all this information, within the settings of our device.

Deactivate the associated account

In the writing of PCWorld, we usually have access to new terminals that brands give us for a period of time to publish our reviews.

Before proceeding with item number one of restoring the terminal and leaving it with factory settings, we make sure to delete the associated personal accounts.

Many accounts have associates cloud services, as is the case with iOS's iCloud. In them keys and photo files are stored that can be consulted by third parties if we do not deactivate the accounts before delivering them.

Once your terminal is sold, you must take into account the fact of entering your Google account profile or iCloud to disaggregate the phone number of your account. This function is very useful to track the device against a theft when you are the owner, but once it has been sold to someone, you should make sure that your account is not associated with it.

How do I delete data from my iPhone or iPad?

Inside your device, access the Settings option and go to the iCloud tab. Tap Close session or delete account on iOS versions 7 or later. Again, press the Close session option and access the Delete tab of the iPhone for which you are asked for a password.

Close your account in Apple Store and iTunes through the Settings tab. Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to reset device using the option Delete content and settings.

Did the report help you? Do you think we should add some additional step to the process? Have you been involved in any embarrassing situation when selling your old terminal? Get in touch with us and let us know.