delete photos to make space in Apple's cloud

Saving space in iCloud can be the difference between paying or not for a storage plan. And if you are paying for one, go up to the next level of the plan. To avoid that moment, we tell you how to delete photos from iCloud to save space and avoid that dreaded moment.

Two ways to post your photos in iCloud

Before entering into the subject, it is convenient to be clear about a series of features of iCloud. To start, there are two ways for your photos to take up space in the Apple cloud. Both are reduced to having activated the function "Photos in iCloud", which can be activated as follows:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> Photos.
  • You see a button that says "Photos in iCloud". If you turn it on, all the photos and videos you have in your photo library will be uploaded to the cloud in its original format.

This function allows you have a "mirror" of your photos in the cloud that replicates to all devices in which you have it activated. The main advantage it has is to forget about Wi-Fi syncs, photo imports, cables and other. And also, it does so whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and with the original quality.

However, it has a significant disadvantage. Uploading all your photos to iCloud will take up space, so if you have a large library you will need to pay for storage As added, you will need to have a device with sufficient local storage to store all those memories.

If you had problems in this regard, there is a setting so you don't have to have all the original photos on the iPhone or iPad. The original photos they will stay in iCloud and your device will download only a lower quality version. Having said all this, the most common thing is usually not to have the Photos in iCloud activated. You just have them there and occasionally they synchronize by cable with a computer or through photos in streaming With the rest of your devices. In this case, your photos will take up space in iCloud It goes backup.

So there are two ways for your photos to take up space in iCloud: through the Photos in iCloud or back up. Although there is a third derivative of the backup, you can avoid running out of space turning off copy photos (something not recommended in case of loss or theft of the device).

How to delete photos from iCloud to save space

Given that there are two ways that your photos "exist" in the Apple cloud (go Photos in iCloud or backup), there are several ways to delete iCloud photos to save space:

  • If you don't have Photos in iCloud activated: on your iPhone, iPad or Mac go to Photos and select all photos and videos you want to delete so they don't take up space in iCloud. Make sure before you have imported them to your computer if you want to keep them.
  • If you have Photos in iCloud enabled: make space in iCloud by deleting the photos and videos you don't want to keep from any device with this feature enabled. In doing so, disappear from all of them. You can also do it from, accessing with your user credentials.

In the end, if you want to save space in iCloud it is very likely that you have to resort to delete photos. Depending on whether you have Photos in iCloud enabled or not, lose weight Apple's space in the cloud for one va (photo library in the cloud) or another (backup).

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