Download the official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 wallpapers

Two days have passed since the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and its variants. In case you still have not heard about all its news, we leave you the link with all the details of your presentation. We also compare the Note 10 with its predecessor and its competition. We still have not been able to give him the glove for a thorough analysis, but what we have been able to have, are your official high resolution wallpapers so you can download them right now.

First of all, we want to mention the Twitter user who shared these wallpapers. So if you have a Samsung or any other phone and want to customize it as the lastflagship of the company, we leave you your official wallpapers so you can do it as soon as possible. They are uploaded to Google Drive, to make downloading easier.

All Samsung Galaxy Note 10 wallpapers

The truth is that Samsung has not been very original on this occasion with the official wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. All of them are almost the same, but changing the base color of the background. Anyway, they have a minimalist aesthetic, with cflat odors that will make them look good on almost any phone and customization. The weight of each of the wallpapers is about 9 MB, but it is due to the high resolution of them: 3,040 x 3,040, so they will be useful for any phone and even for your computer, if you want.

Anyway, if you want the wallpaper of any other high-end phone, we recommend that you take a look at the different articles that we have been offering you about this type of customization. Well, without more, We leave all the wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in high quality for you to download By the way, you can pass a screenshot of how your phone has been with these funds in the different social networks.