Facebook wants to integrate Instagram direct into Messenger

Facebook It has become the most prominent social network in history and one of the most powerful companies today. The Zuckerberg company has made a name in the world based on innovation and absorption of other companies such as WhatsApp or Instagram. The objective of Facebook is to grow as much as possible to try to generate a conglomerate in which users have everything they want within reach. A goal that they want to achieve through strategies such as Instagram direct integration through Facebook Messenger.

A week ago we talked about the possible name change of WhatsApp and Instagram over the next few months, there have also been data on a possible merger of these two applications together with Facebook to generate a total grouping of services, and that is since the company Americans have never been reluctant to change. On this occasion, the leaks again insist on a new system that allows you to incorporate Instagram messages through Messenger. We tell you all the details.

Instagram live from Facebook Messenger?

Facebook continues with its constant renewal movements and everything seems to indicate that the great social network is increasingly prepared to carry out a gigantic change. We talked about the possibility of integrating other applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram inside a conglomerate that users can get the most out of. The latest information ensures that Facebook is planning definitively integrate the famous Instagram direct through Facebook Messenger. That is, Facebook and Instagram users can communicate with each other quickly and easily.

From Facebook they think that a total restructuring in Instagram messages, and after the closure of Instagram Direct, there has been room for a new way of proceeding. Soon we can see how Facebook Messenger occupies this place to allow immediate communications between Facebook users and Instagram users. It is a new functionality that will keep all users more related in order to make things easier.

The company of Mark Zuckerberg wants to impose its claims on applications that enjoy tremendous popularity today and are already part of the conglomerate a few years ago. WhatsApp and Instagram are less and less authentic, something that Facebook is carrying out to achieve, according to them, better services.

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