Google Maps is updated with news from Google Trips and more

A couple of days ago we were able to talk about the total elimination of Google Trips and the subsequent despair of thousands of travelers who had already planned their August holidays with this service. However, we also commented that the services offered by this travel app can be transferred immediately to other prominent Google applications. And there is no better tool for integrate these services that Google Maps.

This morning we talked about the novelties in the navigation interface that will come true on Google Maps, a more utilitarian change than it may seem at first with which the company wants to improve the visualization of the contents. Well, now the great G has announced important news through an official statement among which Google Trips services are the real protagonists. We tell you all the details.

Google Maps integrates travel reservations

Google Maps has become much more than a GPS application. The Mountain View company has decided to bet the maximum on a service that continues to be updated with important news with the aim of transforming itself into an all-in-one. This time we talked about the integration of the Booking management for trips as one of the functional ones that arrive from the now extinct Google Trips.

From now on, Google Maps users will be able to manage all your travel reservations from the application itself. A section in which you will find all the news related to flights, hotels and apartments that have been previously booked. In addition, all this information can be consulted offline thanks to the app sync with Google Calendar and Gmail So all data is updated automatically. To access this function you just have to display the side menu> Your sites> Reservations.

But it is not the only novelty that comes to the Google navigation app. From this moment on, all devices can count on augmented reality permanently. We could already talk about this functionality in previous articles and it is the most utilitarian. Without forgetting the Maps chronology renewal which shows all the information for travel. In this way, you can save the most visited places, comments, business, valuations … All this, be stored in a series of files that can be accessed quickly and easily.

Source | Google Blog