Google travel app closes permanently

Google It has become one of the great technological companies in history based on new services that have become increasingly popular among users. However, not everything can go well in this life, and yes, also big companies like Google have their failures. In this case we talk about Google Trips, The application to plan Google trips has closed permanently due to the lack of active users in it.

The company of the big G has decided to eliminate Google Trips from its app store due to the low credibility of the active users who used it to plan their trips. Everyone knows that it was shown as one of the most complete tools of the American giant with which they are prunedmanage flights, stays, find the places you should visit, etc … A real loss.

Google says goodbye to Google Trips

At the beginning of August, in full vacations, with the operation underway, Google has decided to end Google Trips permanently. It seems the last straw, but none of this has to do with a joke. The Mountain View company has confirmed the removal of Google Trips from its app apps through a "early death that surely has upset the plans of many users who already had their trips planned.

It should be noted that it is not the first application with which Google ends throughout its history. The tech giant has already repeated this modus operandi On many occasions, what is most surprising is that Google Trips has been chosen at this time. Many have been users who have caught by surprise a closure that we already announced since the month of June but that nobody had just believed completely. It is important to note that the travel app is still active on Google Play but when using its service the following message appears: “We have said goodbye to Google Trips. Many of your favorite features will continue to be available in Google Search and Google Maps … ”

From Google they assure that many of the functions that were available in Google Trips will be able to continue being used in other applications of Google reason why the users will not be totally damaged by this cancellation. It also appears "Travel" as a new travel search engine from which to make reservations or plan all types of trips. Some data that will be saved in each Google account.