how to disable the most annoying notifications

Youtube It can be defined as the video streaming platform par excellence, a website where you can find all kinds of content that suits your tastes. Constant renovations have made YouTube one of the fixed apps of each mobile, And it is that the company has integrated news such as the recommended tab, the union with Amazon, the music app or the changes related to the comments. Undoubtedly, YouTube is a service in continuous renewal that, sometimes, can be somewhat tedious.

Yes, we are referring to the typical notifications that notify you of each and every one of the aspects that take place on the video platform. Yes Recommended videos, subscriptions, comments, news, summary… Sometimes it is too tired to have a few notifications on your device and check that most of them do not interest you at all. That is why We are going to show you how to end them once and for all.

Finish notifications you don't want

Another thing not, but YouTube personalization is not lacking. The latest developments of such an important app do not have to please everyone, so the company reserves different settings that allow you to end up with unnecessary inconvenience such as some notifications. YouTube can generate all kinds of ads, but it also allows you to modify which ones you want to receive and which not through the application's own Settings. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access YouTube and click on the profile picture
  2. Open the “Settings” tab
  3. Access the Notifications section
  4. Select or uncheck the options you deem appropriate
  5. Enjoy the application without the heaviest warnings

If you follow all these steps, stop receiving the notifications that you like the least, but be they will continue to show in your terminal the messages that you have not unmarked. In this way, everything becomes much more personalized. From now on, you will no longer have to worry about unnecessary notifications, since this service is permanently maintained even if you change your device.

What are the notifications you hate most?