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Since the United States announced the technology veto to Huawei which prevents him from using Android from Google and other softwares, the Chinese company began to develop its own operating system known as Hongmeng OS or ArkOS. This bet may debut in the last months of this year.

According to the Global Times portal, Huawei He has been planning the possibility of launching his first phone with Hongmeng OS in the last quarter of 2019, which will be focused on a mid-range or low-end model that will cost a little more than 270 dollars.

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This source explains that the new phone could be launched alongside the Huawei Mate 30, that is, in spring of this year. However, a discrete launch of units is expected to see the response of the market to an operating system different from Android.

The president of HuaweiDuring the presentation of the fiscal results, he commented that they would prefer to continue using Android on their phones, though, Hongmeng OS is a long-term strategy.

Hongmeng OS works similar to Google Fuchsia than Google Android. That is, it has a microkernel that can be adapted to artificial intelligence tasks, be it the source.

The official presentation of the operating system is expected to be held this August 9 at the conference for Huawei developers in Dongguan, China.