LG patents a flexible cell phone with optical pencil: report

The secondary screen of the LG v50 ThinQ 5G is the closest thing to a flexible mobile offered by LG to date.

Katie Collins / CNET

LG may have a concept of folding cell phone something different from that presented by Samsung and Huawei.

According to a patent shown on Weibo and reported by the TME.net site, the company has registered the idea of ​​a flexible cell phone, whose screen doubles as that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but that takes advantage of the space that remains in the crease of the visagra to accommodate a optical pencil.

As we can see in the patent image, the displayed screen will have a 3: 2 format, similar to that of a tablet.

The patent, although it should not be taken as a final product, shows us that LG has in mind to launch its own flexible phone as other manufacturers have done.

And the closest thing to a flexible LG cell phone today is the second screen of the LG v50 ThinQ 5G, presented during the last edition of the MWC.

LG will not be the only manufacturer that is thinking of implementing a pencil on its flexible cell phone, since recent rumors suggest that Samsung could also launch a new generation of the Galaxy Fold with S Pen.

For the moment, we still have to see what the reception of the first generation of the Fold was in the market, whose launch to the market had to be delayed due to screen failures.

Samsung said on July 24 that the Fold arrive in September, although it did not specify the exact date, but that of the launch of its Note 10.

The launch of the Galaxy Note 10 will be on August 7 in New York, and CNET in Spanish will be at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, to take all the news of the device and our first impressions.

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