New images of Oppo N3 are filtered very different from the initial ones

A few days ago we could see what some filtered images of Oppo N3 looked like, which is still under development. Oppo has always been a technology company that stands out for some innovations in the manufacture of its smartphones, the last we could see in its terminal in the most modern market, Oppo N1.

The Oppo N1 is a 5.9 ″ terminal that features a unique camera, but this does not mean that you do not have a front camera, but also that you have the best front camera on the market, with 13 Mpx. and flash included. How is this possible? Well, this terminal has a kind of hinge that rotates the camera and place it on the front of the phone, so you can enjoy the advantages offered by the rear cameras on the front of our smartphone.

The initial images leaked by GSMArena of Oppo N3 seem to be a "fake". These showed a kind of cylindrical tube at the top of the supposed Oppo N3. This tube will contain the rotating chamber, as in Oppo N1, and the rounded speakers at each end of this tube, which will allow a better sound quality if it is real. Rumors point to a13 megapixel lens with dual LED flash and an aperture of f / 1.8 that will capture snapshots in dark environments with higher quality.

In these new filtered images we can see how Oppo N3 is more like reality, with a much more conventional design and very similar to that of its predecessor, Oppo N1. That strange cylindrical tube is removed from the top and the chamber and speakers are located inside the phone structure.

For now More information is unknown about this new Oppo terminal, both the size of its screen, which we hope will not exceed 5.9 ″ of its predecessor, such as RAM, processor, or internal memory to incorporate. All these are rumors and there is no confirmation or denial of the veracity of the images already filtered, even the terminal with the cylindrical tube could be true, which would be a totally different design to those offered by the competition.