Promotional materials of the Galaxy Note 10 are filtered

The leaks have not stopped.

Droid life

The promotional materials of Samsung Galaxy 10 they seem to have leaked in advance to device announcement this WednesdayAugust 7th. In what appears to be the official material of marketingSamsung calls the device not only a phone, but a "video game console," "computer," "movie studio," and "smart pencil," according to a report by Droid Life.

Samsung did not respond to a request for comment on the leak.

The Note 10 will launch on August 7 during Samsung's Unpacked event at the Barclays Center in New York City, the same place where the South Korean giant presented Note 9 last year. You can now register to access the reservations of the Note 10 and its older brother, the Note 10 Plus.

"With the Galaxy Note 10 we have not only made a smart phone. We have designed a computer that is a video game console, a movie studio and a smart pencil, all on the same device," according to the leaked materials.

Samsung has said that the Note 10 will have "a movie screen almost without bezels," according to Droid Life. "The immersive Infinity Display of the Note 10 has almost invisible bezels that create a fluid experience between thinking and action, seeing and creating," according to the materials.

The S Pen pencil, meanwhile, "is the closest to a magic wand," according to the documents.

The promotional material also refers to control gestures, a battery that lasts more than one day and "hours of energy with just minutes of charging."

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