The best phones to play

Increasingly, smart phones are becoming devices with which to play advanced games when you are away from home or on the go.

Such is the potential offered by the new modern smartphone, which has nothing to envy to video game consoles in terms of sensations offered with advanced titles such as Fortnite or PUBG, among many others.

Now, not all models are prepared to support the execution of games with a high demand for performance. That is why many brands have chosen to launch mobile phones focused on games such as Asus ROG, Razer phone or Xiaomi Black Shark.

Since there are still few that you can find in the market, we have decided to include here also the usual phones that can offer a good gaming experience because of their profile and implemented technologies.

Do you need the most powerful specifications?

Often, these phones have dedicated hardware or sometimes even support additional accessories to help you have a better gaming experience. Internally, we find improvements in RAM, or more powerful CPU and GPU to help the phone keep up.

It is also interesting to implement liquid refrigeration systems in order to help maintain a temperature according to the internal components of the telephone and prevent them from degrading early.

The specifications are very important if you want to play at the highest level on a phone, but it depends on which games you want to run without problems. If you like arcade or puzzle games more, you may not have to bet on a high-end phone and its high price.

Below, we show you our complete selection of the best mobile phones to play that you can buy this year. Take some time to consider which offers you the best options and which platform is the most suitable.

The best mobile phones to play in 2019

one. Asus ROG Phone

Asus really seems to have achieved with the ROG phone what other brands have been pursuing for quite some time, with a model that by design and functions seems to fit among the most gamer users.

You may not have a 120 Hz screen, as with the Razer Phone 2, but the 90 Hz of its 6-inch screen and the response time of 1 millisecond go a long way and make it clear that you will have a fluid graphics experience and solvent with smooth movements, a whole screen with improved AMOLED technology.

You also get with the Asus ROG a Snapdragon processor overclocked of eight cores at 2.96 GHz and many other extras focused on the gaming environment, such as an AeroActive fan inside, the AirTriggers, as well as a 4,000 mAh battery.

All of the above, together with the customization of the software, give it a clear advantage over its rivals even if you have to pay for it a high price that places the Asus ROG in the phone range premium From the market. Only this hinder your choice.

two. Razer Phone 2

The Razer Phone 2 closely resembles its predecessor, but aspects such as the LED-shaped logo located on its rear, the wireless charging and the renewed configuration of the camera, show that the company is willing to learn from its mistakes and listen to what that users demand.

Its price has also been revised and you can find it on Amazon at a very good price, something very positive among the range of smartphone for games It is encouraging to see how Razer maintains the year of innovation in this market of gaming of smart phones.

Actually, the Phone 2 is up to the Asus ROG phone, beyond entering the particular differences that both have, and its new price point makes it one of our favorites with a 5.7-inch UltraMotion QHD screen of 120 Hz that guarantees zero latency.

3. OnePlus 7 Pro

There are really very few complaints that we can get from the OnePlus 7 Pro. The specifications of the screen, its cameras and the processor it incorporates, are essentially the best in its class, at least in the price range in which we move.

It's true that it costs a little more than you're probably used to paying for a OnePlus model, but keep your promises to justify that rise, and if you're not convinced, the normal OnePlus 7 can be a serious alternative at a price that is currently 150 less.

In a year in which both Samsung and Huawei have already launched what are considered their flagships of the year, OnePlus has managed to launch a device that competes with them at an improved price, which could catapult him to be the best phone to beat in 2019.

Four. Xiaomi Black Shark

The Xiaomi Black Shark is Xiaomi's smart phone focused on games, which offers a fairly impressive set of specifications, such as its 12 GB of RAM, or the 4,000 mAh battery to lengthen the games.

Aesthetically, both the logo on the back and the sides have RGE LEDs that light up according to the effects of video games or the sound of music, with the possibility of being customized.

To dissipate the heat inside, it has a liquid cooling system that covers the main components to maintain the proper temperature. Also the black shark recognizes the different game environments to improve the sensations through vibrations associated with the sound.

Along with the specific features of the game, it includes a dedicated game mode that blocks incoming calls and notifications. It has a unique appearance compared to most smart phones, inspired by laptops and gaming PCs, and comes with a custom controller that is compatible with almost any Android game.

It is the cheapest of the smart phones considered premium focused on games and we believe that it has an excellent relationship quality and price. If you are looking to improve your mobile playing skills, the Xiaomi Black Shark is a great option for you.

5. Honor Play

Reasons such as the fact that it is a mobile for almost entry-level games, make it very easy to recommend the Honor Play. The screen cannot be compared to that of the gaming phones of its rivals, such as the Razer Phone or the Asus ROG, but the Play offers first-class performance at a much lower price.

The specifications are almost identical to the Honor 10 more expensive, and even the much more expensive Huawei P20, although it should be noted that it has a metal chassis instead of a rear with glass finishes, and the camera has quality but is not up to par of these phones.

Even so, even if you're not a console player, the Honor Play is one of the best-priced phones on the market, offering iconic performance at an interesting price point, as long as you don't mind losing the best rates. fps and the best graphics on the screen.

This is how Honor manages to make Play the ideal phone for players with limited budgets.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you want a differentiating Android phone when it comes to handling, your bet should be the last version of the Galaxy Note. With a premium design, incredible battery life and the exclusive S-Pen digital pen, it is practically the best experience you can have when capturing notes or ideas comfortably without even unlocking your terminal.

Having said that, the characteristics of the Galaxy Note 9 They are not intended for all users nor are they very targeted at game environments, although Samsung made its long-standing hands of the exclusive Fornite game.

Its large capacity battery, 4000mAh, also helps a lot to lengthen your games, for which it also has a special liquid cooling system that allows you to run the most demanding mobile games.

Although Samsung will launch the new Galaxy Note 10 at the beginning of August, it is hoped that the company will give the new edition the maximum potential with which you can play any titles for the Android platform.

7. Apple iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max is all that a star phone should offer: well designed, with great performance to face any task, including games and, ultimately, with a tremendously friendly operating system.

The screen of the XS Max reaches 6.5 inches compared to 5.8 of its younger brother, with resistant finishes and an A12 Bionic chip inside, which makes the operating system interface and the games interface move with special fluency

The improvements of the functions, in comparison with the previous iPhone X, are not huge, but if you need a dual SIM, you will want an iPhone XS or an iPhone XS Max. In reality, only the price is a barrier for those who wish to play within the ecosystem of applications and developments for iOS.

8. Honor View 20

The Honor View 20 is impressive, wherever you look at it, thanks to the holographic V effect displayed on the glass of its back. Also on its front, a unique camera sensor perforated on the screen makes it possible for you to enjoy the rest of it for games.

With a Kirin 980 processor and a generous amount of RAM of 6 or 8 GB (depending on version), the specifications are powerful enough to rival the more gaming-oriented phones (much more expensive). And perhaps for the first time, Honor deserves to be in the same conversation as the big names when it comes to the quality of the camera.

After its price reduction, the access point is at 399. Honor flagships have always offered serious specifications and elegant design while underestimating rivals in price.

It is clear that premium aspects such as wireless charging and waterproofing are still missing, but for most people they will be dispensable by allowing you to acquire a large phone such as the Honor View 20 at a very good price.

9. Lenovo Moto Z3 Play

The main advantage that the Moto Z3 Play has compared to all its competitors analyzed here is that it has a wide collection of modular accessories tailored for it, called MotoMod.

It is true that these accessories are an extra extra price to what the phone costs, but they allow you to have an additional large capacity battery, or a joystick-like controller (GamePad) with which you can play with your mobile as If you did it with a portable console.

At the level of specifications, the Moto Z3 Play It does not stand out especially with its 4 GB of RAM, or with the Snapdragon 636 processor, but its 6-inch Super AMOLED screen with 18: 9 aspect ratio allows you to make the most of the main games of the Android ecosystem.

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