The Google camera can finally integrate the manual mode

Google phones can be defined, among other things, by the integration of a camera as complete as one of the most prominent in the market (but the most). The photographs captured by the new Pixel 3a are really incredible to be a "economic" device. And since Google have decided to integrate the same configuration to their cheap terminals that we have seen in the originals. Of course, the camera app has always lacked a Manual mode.

We talk about this typical way in which you can alter the settings before taking a picture and that is shown in many terminals like the a“Pro” part of the camera app. Well, everything seems to indicate that from the company of the big G they are already working to integrate this functionality in their terminals. We tell you all the details.

The Google camera will be renewed with manual controls

The Google Pixel did not have to integrate a lot of sensors to get the best photographs of the market, Some devices that have a single camera and software sent by the rest of the companies. However, a section has always been missing in which the user could “Mess around” a bit with the settings to capture the moment in the most personalized way possible. Although it is necessary to comment that in most cases it is not necessary.

The processing of the Google camera is shown to the world as the best we have seen so far and many times a Pro mode is not necessary. However, from XDA Developers they assure and show the evidence that Google is working in a mode manual in which the responsibility of the photograph rests with the users. This is a section with additional features with which you can modify everything related to the DSLR camera modules and countless other sections.

At the moment, the Mountain View company has not wanted to confirm or deny information with which the only weak point that we see to a perfect camera in almost all aspects will be greatly improved. The manual controls are very close, and most likely the Google Pixel 4 will release them.

Source | XDA Developers