The Google Pixel 4 shot in real images confirms its frontal design

Currently, there is no doubt about the design of Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Thanks to OnLeaks and Google itself, the physical aspect of the next two flagshipWe already know the company in detail. That is, considering that it is the first time we see a brand publicly show the design of its next release months before being official, We still have doubts about whether Google is playing with us or not. This also helps that there were 3 design teams of these terminals, so there will be three completely different designs at the beginning.

Luckily, images like today, we clear any doubt, because the Google Pixel 4 or his older brother, has been seen in person and of course, someone has taken a picture. Specifically, it has been a member of the website TheTeenTechquin saw the terminal in question. With this new image of your front, We can confirm that yes, the design of Google Pixel 4 is as we have been shown the different leaks.

Google Pixel 4 frames don't seem so pronounced

It seems that Google has not yet managed to launch a phone whose design everyone likes. Last year, with the Google Pixel 3 XL, we saw the thickest notch on the market, but let the top frame be almost non-existent. This year, the brand wanted to amend its error and took advantage of that moment to introduce advanced facial unlocking technology. As we have already seen in Apple, Huawei or LG, this type of unlocking needs more space at the top and Google has forgotten about the notch and has used a larger framework than we are used to.

Well, today a real photo of the screen and frames of the Google Pixel 4 has been captured. Apart from confirming its design, we can see that the upper frame does not seem to be as large as we expected. It could also be an optical effect due to the inclination of the photograph, but the truth is that in Pro Android, we do not see the implementation of this framework so badly if We will gain the opportunity to have all those sensors that will improve the user experience.

Other features that have been leaking over Google Pixel 4 are its rear cameras, which They will supposedly have a DSLR accessory or its 90 Hz display. Anyway, Google seems to be making really complete phones and the desire to see them officially is getting bigger, that's for sure.