The OnePlus One does not bend and resists a hard test

If yesterday I told you that Samsung had published a video to demonstrate the durability of its Galaxy Note 4 and already making fun of Apple, today I bring you another brand that has joined the car of the video test. It is one of the most recent and less experienced brands. Yes, we are talking about One Plus.

It seems that brands like to show off the resistance of theirsmartphonesSo much so, that OnePlus has published a video showing all the tests performed by the OnePlus One at the time of the tests. It must be said that this video that shows us the Chinese brand is much more complete than that of Samsung.

We have many more tests, and much better done. In the video of the Korean company it seemed that the test was not quite well done, but in this we can see that the tests are more similar to the cases that occur.

In the video that we leave below we can see how apply a force of 25 kilograms 1,000 times to prove that, in fact, the terminal does not end up bent. We can also see other tests: falls from 1.2 meters, more than 40,000 strokes to see the resistance of the screen, poorly made connections to see the resistance of the ports and a rain test for 10 minutes.

With all this, I think it is more than clear that the OnePlus One has a good resistance and can be a good purchase option if we are a little big.

What do you think of these videos? Do you think they should all do them?