This is the most luxurious version with Swarovski crystals

Nowadays it is difficult to buy a high range of the top brands of the market for less than 700 euros. The prices of smartphones have skyrocketed and there are many companies that already include terminals that exceed the one thousand euros barrier. However, it is the companies themselves that increasingly manufacture more limited editions of their most prominent devices.

We have seen it with the Galaxy Fold game of Thrones edition or the Xiaomi K20 Pro gold-plated, now it is the turn of another of the best known brands of the current scene and its flagship phone: the Huawei P30 Pro. From the Asian giant they have carried out an association withSwarovski to end up forming a luxury terminal that shows the world as one of the most exclusive today Check out the brilliant!

Swarovski and Huawei team up to create a mobile phone

We had the opportunity to try the Huawei P30 Pro for a few weeks and we were amazed at the performance of a device that already cost a total of 1,049 euros. However, the Chinese company itself has decided to bet on maximum exclusivity with a terminal that It can only be purchased in Arab Emirates and that integrates the seal of Warovski. The most famous crystals in the world are part of a luxurious case whose price is around 650 euros. Also, the terminal has a new white and gold gradient that will increase the total value of the device even more until close to 2,000 euros.

With this type of products, the Asian giant seeks to reach customers who do not have much problem when accessing their checking accounts and disbursing large quantities of money. It should be noted that this is a limited edition made of pearl color that only Arab Emirates customers can access. And, in general, it is the same terminal that we can find in any store in the world that has been added a new gradient and one of the most expensive cases that exist today. That's right, exclusivity is paid, and in what way …

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