We explain how to make a screenshot on Android

If you just moved from iPhone to Android you may have doubts about how to make a screenshot.

In most cases, you can take a screenshot with your Android long press the power button and the volume down button at the same time.

The screen will flash and you will receive a notification indicating that you have a new image in your gallery.

Sometimes this apparent simple task has tricks: if you press the power button too soon, turn off the screen; If you press the volume down button too soon and the sound bar appears on the screen.

If you didn't know yet, it's possible to make screenshots on Snapchat from your smartphone without anyone receiving any notification.

1. Use the main Menu button to take a screenshot

If pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time does not work, this is probably because your phone or tablet You have the option of the Main Menu button.

Try to do the same as in the previous section, but replace the power button with the main Menu button. As in the previous step, the screen will flash to indicate that the capture has been saved.

This formula to take screenshots, has been the choice of the Samsung Galaxy S phone series, however, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 this option is no longer available (you will have to press the power button again).

2. Alternative methods to take a screenshot on Android

Depending on the type of device you use, you may have more options to take screenshots.

Samsung phones, for example, allow you to make a gesture of sliding the palm of your hand to activate the screenshot. They also offer additional functionality, such as the ability to perform an extended screen capture (scroll capture).

Some Sony phones offer the option Take a screenshot in the power off menu (press and hold the power button to access this option).

3. How to record the screen on an Android

Recording your mobile screen is now possible on all devices with versions of Android Lollipop or later.

You may have already installed an application capable of recording. Check it before downloading another one. If you don't have it, go to Google Play and search for Screen Recorder

In PCWorld Spain, we have used the Riv Screen Recorder application.

Install the application, click on Open and tap on the button Start recording to start recording. Press on Stop recording when you're done, and the video file appears on the main screen with options to play, share or delete.

You can use the video editor of your phone to mark the start and end points according to your preferences.

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