What is the best Chinese mobile? Discover the 19 best Chinese mobiles

Surely you have heard of brands like Huawei, ZTE or Lenovo (surely you do not know that the latter in addition to mobile computers). Xiaomi is increasing its fame so much that it has come to be called the Chinese Apple.

In addition, there are other popular Chinese brands (less known than the previous ones) like Meizu, Letv, Oppo, Homtom, Vernee, UMI, Ulefone, Elephone, Doogee, Leagoo, Mazze, Bluboo or Oukitel, which also offer high quality phones.

The problem with some of these Chinese phones is that they are difficult to obtain in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. To be able to get a Chinese mobile you will have to resort to pages like eBay or Amazon.

If you want to know what they are the best cheap phones (among which are Chinese models and other countries), then do not miss our reviews.

Characteristics and general specifications of Chinese mobiles

Most Chinese phones we have tested have dual SIM, that is, they are capable of carrying two SIM cards at the same time.

Although sometimes, the second SIM has to be inserted into the memory card slot, which means you will have to choose: either memory card, or extra SIM card.

An increasingly large number of Chinese phones are compatible with 4G, although keep in mind that this does not have to work in your country. Before buying always check the frequency bands. Many Chinese mobiles lack the 800MHz band.

A large part of Chinese mobiles come with (cheaper) processors manufactured by MediaTek. Within this range, the fastest are Helio X25, X27 and X30. To be honest, they don't become as fast as Qualcomm processors, most popular in Europe or the US.

The RAM of Chinese mobile phones is usually three or four gigabytes (sometimes even 6 gigabytes), and internal storage of 32 GB or 64 GB (in general).

You will rarely find models with fingerprint recognition.

The cameras are usually similar to Android models (15Mp on the rear camera and about 5 or 8 on the front). However, beauty mode may make you seem whiter than you are.

Chinese mobile phones usually have 5.5-inch full-HD screens or even more. The screens are usually of quality, with many of them 2.5 Arc or 3D glass. This does not mean that the screen is curved, but that the margins are slightly curved.

The Gorilla Glass is another frequent feature in this type of smartphones, something quite important, since it is difficult to get a good case that protects your Chinese mobile.

The smartphones from China they usually allow you to configure gestures to carry out different actions. For example, double tap to return to the home screen, draw a specific letter on the screen to open the camera, or gesture in a certain way to shoot the photo.

The best Chinese mobiles

OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro It has very few failures. The specifications of the screen, camera and cores are essentially the best in their class – or close enough to count them – while the few lacks (wireless charging, an IP rating) are easily justified if we look at their price – which continues to undermine to the closest comparable rivals in some way.

This model may cost a little more than you're probably used to paying for a OnePlus, but it keeps enough of its promises to justify that price increase – and if you're not convinced, the regular OnePlus 7 is also a similar option and cheaper

In a year in which both Samsung and Huawei have fallen dramatically, OnePlus has managed to break through the list of best smartphones

Xiaomi Mi 9

The Xiaomi Mi 9 It is fast, beautiful and offers the best value for money you will find in any smartphone. The Mi 9 offers a very good price and is an improvement to any previous Xiaomi Mi, even the Mi 8.

The novelty is a fingerprint sensor on a standard screen, Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 855 processor, a 20 W wireless charge, a larger screen and a triple lens camera that includes a 48 megapixel lens.

Winner of the Tech Advisor award at the CMM 2019, Mi 9 is one of the best phones in the world, but at an average price. It is also one of the highest quality camera phones.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

For 600, the Mi 8 Pro It is an incredible purchase, as it comes up to many flagship phones available for quite less money. This is the main reason why the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro should be taken into account when buying a new mobile.

With powerful performance, decent cameras, a software Really practical, an elegant on-screen fingerprint sensor and a transparent back cover, this phone becomes an SUV at a fantastic price.

OnePlus 7

The OnePlus 7 is a fairly cautious 6T update: the same design and the same screen with improved specifications, a new camera and some small adjustments of software.

It is not a revolutionary change, but it is a reliable and competitive mid-range phone with high-end specifications that should appeal to anyone who has been tempted by a OnePlus device before.

Huawei P30 Pro

Taking many tracks of the Mate 20 Pro, and improving the cameras and the fingerprint scanner, the Huawei P30 Pro It is the best phone of Huawei so far. The design is incredible, the screen is exceptional and the cameras are the best that have been seen on a phone today.

It is also more expensive than ever, but if you want the best cameras, this is the phone you should buy. However, if you want to spend less (and get a little less too), there is the Huawei P30.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Exchanging the camera selfie awkwardly placed with a new dual lens model that is hidden behind the screen, the Mi Mix 3 It is one of the new sliding phones that shows how this concept should work.

Not only does it allow correct full-screen viewing, but it also adds new functions for quick phone access.

In other aspects, the Mi Mix 3 is not a great update with respect to 2S, and it actually loses some of its brightness over its predecessor with the absence of its 18-carat gold frame from the camera. But it's still a great phone, available at an incredible price, and it's amazing to see how far the original full screen phone has come.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Amazing price, insane performance, impressive photography, an AMOLED 18.7: 9 larger screen than ever and a great new 3D face recognition feature.

These are all reasons why you should run to Buy the Mi 8. Right now it costs several hundred euros cheaper than many of the phones it competes with.

We must recognize that it saddens us to see that Xiaomi is not up to its rivals in terms of wireless charging, waterproofing and Quad-HD display, and that the long-awaited fingerprint on the screen is exclusive to the Explorer edition, but at this price it does not We can complain.

The Xiaomi Mi8 is an incredible phone, highly recommended.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Mate 20 Pro It is an exceptional phone. The cameras will be the highlight for many people, but in general it is a fantastic off-road vehicle with a high-quality screen, super fast charging, wireless charging and excellent battery life.

It is not perfect, but its small failures should not be an obstacle for most users.

For more detailed information on the price, specifications and features of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro we recommend you to read our review by clicking on this link.

Huawei P30

The launch of Huawei P30 He focused mostly on the camera, and it is fair to say that the company has complied. The Pro model may be one step ahead, but this version is still a rival for almost any flagship, especially in low-light and long-distance shots, where Huawei has launched the glove with a combination of three big targets and some tricks of software that not even Google Pixel phones can match.

The P30 also looks impressive, with a large screen (and a small notch), lovely colored finishes and a very thin body, although the compromise is one of the worst camera potholes we have ever seen. And there is even a plug for the headphones.

If you want a phone with a phenomenal camera but you can't justify getting close to one of the greats at once, the Huawei P30 may be worth it.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

There is no doubt that the Pocophone F1 It is one of the best Chinese phones we have tried to date.

Xiaomi has done an extraordinary job of creating a high-performance phone at an incredibly cheap price. It may not be the finest and lightest phone of all, but its design remains attractive and desirable.

If you like the Mi8 but your budget cannot be stretched, this is the phone for you.

Huawei P20 Pro

The new Huawei P20 Pro has become one of the best phones of the moment along with the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X.

Although it has some faults, such as the lack of stabilization in 4K videos, the disappearance of the headphone input or the absence of wireless charging, the P20 Pro is still a sensational phone.

You will like it especially if you are a photographer, since the phone has a triple camera system that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Another of its benefits is the long life of your battery, the dual SIM and the incredible screen. So keep that in mind: the Huawei P20 Pro is one of the best smartphones of 2018.

If you want to reduce its cost a bit, you may be interested in the P20 model (instead of P20 Pro), although it does not have the triple camera system, water resistance and an LCD screen instead of the OLED Pro.

I live Nex

Is not perfect, but the live Nex it is definitely a smartphone impressive that offers a device a little different from the rest that could surprise and convince many consumers.

It has a fingerprint scanner integrated in the screen, a design without notches and a camera facing forward that leaves the frame when you are going to use it.

However, it is not just an ingenious conceptual telephone; performance is good enough to compete with smartphone most emblematic of the size of Samsung, OnePlus and LG.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S becomes a good competitor in the market of smartphone Most popular flagships of the moment, and all at a much more than decent price.

This new model has included amazing improvements such as: wireless charging, much faster performance or a dual camera.

The biggest pros of the Mi Mix 2S are undoubtedly its performance and design. Its ceramic cover, mirror finish and 18: 9 screen make it look like a smartphone Much more expensive than it is.

As against we can point out that its rear camera is not well received by selfie-addicts. Nor does his mono speaker convince us. You could also improve battery life, and we would love to see Xiaomi designing models with Quad-HD display and water resistance in the not too distant future.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

The Mi 8 Lite eIt's a mid-range phone of excellent value for money with a magnificent design and a hardware Decent, especially in the camera department.

In conclusion: the Mi 8 Lite is a mid-range phone of incredible value, with good specifications and an attractive design. There is very little that separates it from the Mi A2, but we prefer the design of the Mi 8 Lite and the additional features of software that MIUI brings.

Xiaomi Mi A2

The inclusion of Android One makes Xiaomi phones much more easily accessible, and this is a very positive thing since it finally allows those outside China and India to access the incredible Xiaomi phone market.

However, if you prefer (although we doubt it), the Mi A2 is also available with the MIUI operating system, as is the Xiaomi Mi 6X model.

This is a fantastic budget phone, since the Mi A2 costs less than 200, and is Easy to get on Amazon.

It combines a decent build quality with good visualization, good overall performance and a well-equipped chamber. Exceeds the specifications and performance of all other phones in our selection of top smartphones cheap.

Elephone U Pro

The U Pro of Elephone It follows the rhythm of the previous Elephone S8 and S7, although while those phones were obviously clones of the flagships of the Samsung S series, the U Pro wanted to distance itself by adding a U to the model name.

If you look straight ahead, the U Pro looks almost exactly like a Galaxy S9, up to the curved edges and the 18: 9 Infinity Display.

If you consider that the Elephone is significantly cheaper than the flagship of Samsung, thanks, yes, to worse internal components. It still seems like a very good option to buy if you don't want to spend a lot.

Oppo RX17 Pro

Despite of software, which can be somewhat frustrating, the RX17 Pro is a more viable option than the Find X. It has great performance, excellent construction and design, and decent cameras.

The screen is sharp even if the colors are a little supersaturated, but it is no different than Samsung's tuning. It has a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen.

Its best feature is an incredibly fast SuperVOOC charge that can charge the phone in just over half an hour, which is really incredible.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is undoubtedly another of the best smartphones of the Chinese company Huawei, and all this despite its not as good cameras as the Pixel 2XL.

However, this model has an impressive display, a very good battery life and the same power in the processor, which translates into a very good overall performance.

In fact, Huawei uses its own design processors in its phones, and the last one is the Kirin 970, which like Apple, the A11 Bionic creates a neural network that allows you to carry out tasks such as language translation or classification of images on the phone.

In conclusion: the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a very good purchase option.

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