A WhatsApp security flaw allows someone to impersonate you

Of the failures and errors of security neither Apple itself is spared, however in the case of the apple company we know that it takes very little time to correct these problems. It does not seem to be the case of WhatsApp Since Facebook has stated, they cannot solve this error that allows others to impersonate you.

Segn has just been unveiled at the security conference Black hat, there's a WhatsApp security flaw that allows someone to fake messages by having them go through yours. It also seems that there are three different ways to exploit this vulnerability as you have learned 9to5mac.

Someone can impersonate you and send messages on WhatsApp

Apparently there are two different ways of being able to impersonate yourself that are still uncorrected, both use group chats. The first is modify what someone has written in a WhatsApp group by changing the name to look like you wrote it t.

The second way is editing something you already wrote when someone responds in a group chat. The original text will remain variation, but anyone who sees the cited text will see the altered version. All this can be used whether or not you are included in the group.

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In addition to these two ways, Check Point found a third way to trick WhatsApp by mixing public and private messages. Facebook could fix this last, but the company says no it is practical to fix the other two security errors of WhatsApp, even though they were informed a year ago.

Apparently the problem is in WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. These vulnerabilities are based on the fact that a participant in a group can access the decrypted version of the messages. But nevertheless, Facebook cannot access them being encrypted, so the social network ensures that it cannot do anything against this type of attack that may appear within a WhatsApp group chat.

It is true that the risks for the vast majority of users are lowHowever, in group chats with many people the risk is real. In addition, despite the recent measures that Apple will take against applications such as WhatsApp in iOS 13, these types of errors will still be present.