Characteristics of the Samsung Exynos 9825 processor of the Galaxy Note 10

Today he is expected to Galaxy Note 10 be officially announced. But before this happens, Samsung has made official the processor that this new smartphone will integrate and that will make its operation excellent: the Exynos 9825. We show the most important thing to offer this component.

One of the most important developments included in Exynos 9825 is that the manufacturing technology used is of seven nanometers (with extreme ultraviolet lithography). This, on the one hand, allows the number of integrated transistors to be more numerous – which increases their processing capacity – and, on the other, allows a greater control of temperature and consumption. That is to say, the improvement with respect to the previous model that used 8 nm is all positive.

New details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: as will be its accessories

Something that is evident with respect to the processor of which we speak that being part of the Galaxy Note 10 is that there are not many novelties that it offers with respect to the model it replaces in the market. Thus, for example, the number of cores is exactly the same (two Cortex-A75, two more custom Mongoose M4 and four Cortex-A55). In addition, the GPU remains a Mali-G76 MP12. Obviously we talk about high-end specifications, but there is not a very important evolutionary leap.

Other options offered by the Exynos 9825 of the Galaxy Note 10

One of the differences in favor of the Exynos 9825 compared to its predecessor is that it includes the Exynos 5100 modem is present, which allows 5G NR network support. Interestingly, for now there are no data from the frequency of work offered by this component, which may well be somewhat higher due to its manufacturing technology. Therefore, it offers greater performance in general lines with applications. Apparently, it has been sought to achieve greater work optimization instead of adding more "musculature."

It does not lack its own unit of work for the processes in which it is used Artificial intelligence, and the compatibility with respect to the RAM offered by the new processor is maintained in LPDDR4X. By the way, a detail that should be assessed is that this element allows recordings with a maximum resolution of 8K (it remains in 4K is added compatibility with HDR), a brand that is typical of the high range and, therefore, is You have chosen this processor for the Galaxy Note 10.

Ms options What should be known about Samsung Exynos 9825 are the ones listed below:

  • Maximum screen resolution 3,840 x 2,400
  • Camera sensor support: 22 MPx (rear and front) and 16 +16 MPx in Dual
  • Storage compatibility: up to UFS 3.0

In short, a good processor that makes it clear that the Galaxy Note 10 is still a powerful smartphone and will have no problems for run all kinds of software without resenting you in its operation. In addition, the support to manage and create multimedia content is very good, as well as the novelties for the use of 7-nanometer technology in the Samsung Exynos 9825.

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