Cricket Wireless offers credit to its customers for viewing ads

Cricket is launching a rewards application for its customers.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless and mobile rewards developer, Adfone, launched an app and rewards program called Ad It Up, the company announced Tuesday, July 30.

Through this application, Cricket Wireless customers across the United States will be able to see ads on their phones and, in return, earn points that can then be exchanged for credits on their bill. The Ad It Up application will be "preloaded on millions of Cricket Android phones," the company said. However, customers can choose to leave it on their phones or delete it.

When customers sign up for this program, they will be asked for their interests so that they can show them personalized ads.

"This implementation represents a great opportunity for advertisers who want to reach Cricket customers, as well as for telecommunications companies that seek to build and generate revenue in a revolutionary way," Adfone chief executive Brian Boroff said in a statement. .

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