DOOM and DOOM II can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store

Video games are not something exclusive to smartphones. Before they were invented it was already played on consoles and before even on computers.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of a mythical game: DOOM. To celebrate it, the developer has decided to launch both the original title and the second part on Android. In this way we can enjoy two classics of video games on our phones.

It is the same content that was originally released although expansions have been added that saw the light later than the original games.

Extra content included

For the celebration of the anniversary Bethesda has decided to include the Thy Flesh Consumed expansion in the first DOOM. For its part, DOOM II will have the twenty levels created by the community called Master Levels. It will also be possible to play locally with four friends or cooperatively.

As it happened when these games were first launched, both DOOM and DOOM II are paid games, not free. The cost is 5.49 euros each, although that will imply that we will not have to see ads or advertising and there will be no integrated purchases.

Many will be shocked by this approach but many others will appreciate it. Surely many of those who played it at the time want to enjoy it again on your smartphones and is that nostalgia is a powerful weapon.

Of course, if you want to play keep in mind that you will need a mobile with Android 8.0 Oreo or higher version as indicated by the chips of both titles in the Google Play Store.