Free applications that were previously paid: describe them for a short time

Another Tuesday and a new day that we bring you a good collection of free applications for a limited time. Sale in apps, games, lots of icon packs … you can install on your Android without costing you anything. So you know: set course for Google Play Store and get everyone. Like the Pokémon …

At the time of publishing this article All offers offered discounts listed. Of course, since they are temporary, they will surely not take long to recover their original price: the longer you take to go to Google Play, the more possibilities there are that they are no longer discounted. Run!

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

If you have come here, you are sure that you want more offers on apps, what? Do not worry, we have selected the following sales for you. They are not zero euros, but still worth it.

Photo Studio PRO

Very good photography application that is kept up to date and that includes endless options, plugins and filters. A great app if you want to edit your photos from your mobile and give them a new air before sharing them. And it has a 62% discount …


An intelligent puzzle game where you will have to fight with hooks, ropes that move, circumferences … It seems simple, but do not trust: SiNKR involves a significant increasing difficulty. With half discount is a good time to try it.