Google Docs starts receiving the new Material design

The applications of documents, spreadsheets and presentations of Google have begun to deploy the update to their new design Google Material, showing a more unified interface. Even so, it is a half step and it seems that on the way to Android Q I can receive improvements in the design.

Google documents are updated to Google Material

A few days ago Google began to deploy a new design in its office suite. The applications of Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations are the last ones that were still anchored in the old Material Design.

One year after the arrival of the new design line, these applications are starting to update. The deployment began a few days ago with a few devices, but it seems that it is already beginning to reach all users who have the application updated.

Old design of Google Docs applications.

As we can see in the screenshots, the interface design is now cleaner and more homogeneous, giving the feeling that all three applications are part of the same experience.

It is important to note that despite the time it has taken for these applications to update, they are not yet prepared for the dark mode of Android Q, an adaptation that Google is gradually integrating into its applications in its applications. We expected that after a long wait I would end up arriving with him. However, it does not surprise us either, since these applications involve more details to consider in the design language.

New design of Google Docs applications.

To have the new design it is necessary that you have installed the latest versions of Documents, Spreadsheets and presentations. However, the update to the new design is a feature that Google is activating from the server side, so even if they are updated you may have to wait a few hours or days. For example, in my case I do have them in my Google Pixel 2 XL, but not in the LG G8S that I am using.