How to disable the autocorrector on Android

One of the best facets of smartphone Android is the possibility they offer to be able to customize them according to your needs. However, sometimes it is difficult to know where to go when we want to change something in particular.

That is why we will now explain how to deactivate the keyboard autocorrect, a tool that, although very useful for many people, is also very annoying for many others.

In this tutorial we are using the Android Nougat version, with the Android keyboard that comes by default. However, the process is very similar (or even the same) in other versions of Android.

Disable predictive text on Android

  1. Opens Settings in your menu smartphone or tablet and select Languages ​​and text input.
  1. Touch on virtual keyboard, within the section of keyboard settings and input.
  1. Select the Android keyboard (other keyboards that you may be using will appear here).
  1. Choose orthographic correction.
  1. Turn off the options of: suggest next word, suggest contacts and personalized suggestions.

If you are not using an Android keyboard, the names of the sections may be somewhat different, although they do not differ greatly from the example shown in this article.

Disable autocorrect on Android

  1. Open Settings and select Languages ​​and text entry '.
  2. Play on virtual keyboard.
  3. Select the Android keyboard, or any other keyboard you are using.
  4. Select spell check.
  5. Deactivate the automatic correction option. You can also, if you wish, deactivate the automatic and point and space options.

Text Correction Options

Another option within the text correction section is that of your personal dictionary. If you wish, you can add words to this dictionary, something that is very useful especially if the automatic correction always corrects a name that you use frequently.

When you add a new word, you can also enter a shortcut to write it quickly.

In addition, there are other types of options such as including alternations to show correction suggestions, personalized suggestions and display contact names as suggestions.

Writing sliding your finger

If you return to the section of the text correction menu, you will find the writing option by sliding your finger. Thanks to this option you can deactivate or activate the option to form words by sliding your finger without lifting it from letter to letter on the keyboard.

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