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Apple has taken action against those applications that claim the YouTube video download in you iPhone or in your iPad. However, it is still possible in iOS 9. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to download videos from YouTube with iOS.

YouTube promised to introduce viewing offline, but this has only taken place with YouTube Red, an ad-free subscription service that, so far, is only available in the US.

Update to March 21, 2016: with the launch of iOS 9 the application was removed from the UK App Store Video Downloader Super Lite, although as a substitute it can be used Documents 5.

We start with this short tutorial?

1. Enter the App Store from your device and search for "Documents 5", an application that is free. Once installed, click and tap on the icon in the lower right corner that resembles that of Safari (a comps): this will show a web browser where you should search by savefromnet, and then just click on the link '' in the search results.

2. You must obtain the URL – the address – of the YouTube video you wish to download. One of the easiest ways is to use the YouTube application on your iPhone: find the video you need and wait for the video to start playing. Tap the video to show the controls and then click on the share icon (an arrow pointing to the right).

Then you can click on "copy link" to copy the link. Now go back to the Documents 5 application and tap the white box to select it. Press until the paste option appears and select it to paste the YouTube video URL.

3. Click on the area marked in green to see a list of several available resolutions, so you can choose the quality you need. Then click on the download link corresponding to the desired quality and, if you want, change the name of the video before proceeding to store it.

Now tap on "Done" to start downloading the video. Our recommendation is that you perform this process through a Wi-Fi network, in order to avoid unnecessary consumption of the precious data of your mobile rate.

4. Once the video has been downloaded, you can locate it in the download section of the Documents 5 application. Now you can save it in the application camera roll from your iPhone or iPad, and for this you must press a couple of seconds on the video and then drag it until you see the list of folders: drag in photos and then in camera roll. Now you just have to go to the photo application and play the video.

5. If you don't dislike the idea of ​​copying and pasting links and switching between applications, there is an easier way if you use a PC (or Mac) using the Softorino YouTube converter. Enter the website of the YouTube converter and download the version you want, either for Windows or for Mac.

Start the program and, when necessary, indicate your e-mail address to obtain an activation key: pay it where indicated to be able to use it normally. Now connect the phone or tablet to the computer and click on the "Trust" option if the corresponding dialog box is displayed.

6. Now launch the web browser and copy the URL of the YouTube video What do you want to download? The video will appear automatically in the YouTube converter program. You can copy several URLs and create a list of videos to transfer to your iPhone or iPad.

Then you must choose the video quality: although you can select 4K it is more advisable to choose 720p or 1080p (no iPhone or iPad has a 4K screen). Click on the "Convert & Transfer to iPhone" button so that the videos are downloaded and transferred to the video application of your iPhone. Keep in mind that the process may take some time.

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