How to transfer files from Android to an SD card

Most of the cheap phones They have a small storage capacity of about 8 or 16 gigabytes. That is not enough for all the apps you need, high quality photos and a large music library.

Luckily, if you can't afford one of the smartphones of last generation -and still-, it seems a good idea to take advantage of the SD card slot that most have, in which you can insert a microSD card and get many gigabytes of space.

In this sense, you will need to learn to spend everything you have stored in the memory of your mobile phone to that new card. Do not worry if you do not know how to do it because in PCWorld Spain we have prepared a very practical guide for you.

Keys to keep in mind before buying a microSD card

Before getting a microSD card, you will need to check that your mobile phone is compatible and, if so, the maximum capacity it can support. This is usually 32 GB on simpler devices and 128 GB or more on mobile devices. premium.

The truth is that the 32 GB of most of Android will be more than enough for most people. On the other hand, keep in mind that, if you have an iPhone, Apple still does not offer this possibility to its users, who must comply with the factory space.

Once you have the microSD card, it will be very easy to start saving your apps, photos, videos, music and any other file on it. But it is important that you also learn to transfer those that you already have in your smartphone.

How to move applications to an SD card in Android

First of all, you should keep in mind that not all applications can be moved to a microSD card and that even some phones will not allow you to do so under any circumstances. That depends on both the developer of the app and the manufacturer.

That some apps cannot be transferred to an SD card means that it is not highly recommended to download many apps on those phones with an internal capacity of 4 or 8 GB because not all of them can be saved in the SD.

This is not the case, for example, with the Samsung Galaxy S9, which allows you to move apps on a card. Of course, keep in mind that once you remove the SD, of course you will not be able to access the apps all stored from your mobile.

Next, we show you how to move applications from an Android phone, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S9, to an SD card. If you use another device, you may have to use a somewhat different process, but in essence be the same.

one. To move an app to the SD card, go to the Settings of your phone and select the menu of Apps. From there you can access the section of Storage. If your mobile allows you to move apps, you should see the option to Change.

In the example below, you can see how the Barcode Scanner app, which we downloaded from the Play Store, can be transferred to the SD card, while the pre-installed Bixby Voice app does not.

two. Now, you should tap on the button Change -o Change in English- and select the option of the SD card that you will find in the drop-down menu. Hit the button Move To start the export. Do not remove the SD or open the app for the duration of the process.

3. Wait until the process has been done and repeat it with all those apps that you prefer to have saved on the SD card.

On the other hand, you can also trust some of the free apps that will do this process for you. It may not be a good idea if you are worried about not having space, although you can always delete it once you have finished using it.

Can you move the apps in which the option of the SD card appears in gray?

In older versions of Android, you may see that the button Move to SD card It appears in light gray. That means that this option is not available for the application you are trying to move and should be stored in the internal memory.

Should you configure an SD card as internal storage?

On certain models, you need to configure the SD card you want to use as internal storage before you can transfer your data. This is the case, for example, of smartphone HTC U11

To do so, you must address the Settings of your phone and find the microSD card in the storage section. Once there, just touch the button Format as internal. The process will be similar in any Android mobile.

How to move photos, videos, music and files to an SD card in Android

Method 1. Move files to an SD card from your Android Settings

The easiest way to move files to an SD card is by going to Settings of your phone or tablet Android and select the option Storage. There, you should find an option called Transfer data to SD card.

It is true that not all devices have that option. If this is your case, it means that you should move them manually. It may take longer, but the result is the same and you will have freed up a lot of space.

Method 2. Move files to an SD card using a PC or Mac

Another more or less simple way to move photos, videos, music and any other file to an SD card is to use a computer, either PC or Mac. The first step is to connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.

You should open a new window with all the files you have on your mobile and on the SD card in two different folders. You can use, for example, the app Android File Transfer, which shows you the internal and external memory in two different tabs.

To move files from the internal memory to the SD card, simply drag the files to the desktop and desktop back to the program, but in this case by letting them go in the tab corresponding to the SD card.

Finally, you can already delete the files from the internal memory that you already have saved on the card. Be careful when performing this process and do not delete anything until you make sure that you have it well stored elsewhere. Also, do not move any system files.

Method 3. Move files to an SD card with a file management app

Another option you have at your disposal is to use a file management program. In fact, many Android phones come with an app of this type preinstalled on your system. If this is not your case, we recommend the app Topnet999 or ES File Explorer.

To start, tap on the tab Storage -Storage in English- and check the various types of storage available. Among them should be the internal memory of the mobile and the microSD card.

If you want, for example, to move photos, you must open the internal memory folder and find another call DCIM. In it will be all the photos taken with your camera. Touch the icon with three dots and choose the option Multi-select.

Now you can select all the pictures you want to move to the SD card. You know that they are selected because the originally white text becomes yellow. When you're ready, hit Move, choose your microSD card and tap Move here.

In a matter of seconds, you will have all the photos you want to move on your SD card. You should repeat this simple process but accessing the music folders and the other files that you have stored in the internal memory.