Instagram allows third parties to track locations and save user stories

Can you imagine that all your posts, all your Instagram stories and all the locations you've been in were within everyone's reach? That was happening. It seems that the startup Hyp3r I was violating the privacy norms of the social network of photography.

Although Instagram has finally banned this startup, Hyp3r has collected a huge amount of information about users. They took advantage of a combination of configuration errors to "build detailed profiles on the interests and movements" of Instagram users. It's scary, right?

Since Hyp3r describe themselves as a location based marketing platform. Yes, well guess what? You can no longer continue to collect private data of people because you have been banned for life on Instagram. It's ok!

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After the scandal of Facebook, they do not learn

From Facebook they don't seem to have learned the lesson. The only danger lurking their social networks is putting their users' privacy at risk. And third-party services such as Hyp3r have managed to extract information from publications with the tagged location.

And after collecting this series of data, allow your customers to display advertising based on that information.

“Hyp3r is a marketing company that tracks social media posts tagged with real-world locations. It allows customers to interact directly with these publications through their tools. ”

As they tell us from the 9to5mac website, Hyper used image recognition software in user publications to analyze what the images include. If this was already scary in itself, it is now simply terrifying to think that anyone has the possibility of knowing this type of information. Luckily, the problem is already solved. But the damage is done.