keep it from getting wet, take better photos and more

The mobile phone has become an essential element for our day. As of today, no user of this device leaves home without it. It doesn't matter if we go to the beach or the pool and our terminal does not have resistance to dust and water, it always comes with us. But did you know that you can get even more out of them? For this, we have prepared a compilation with the best smartphone tricks that you can find with those who squeeze their possibilities to the fullest.

We talk about smartphone tricks that we have tried ourselves, so we can guarantee that, if you follow these tips, they will work perfectly for you. No, it is not a good idea to wet your phone and then save it, but in an emergency, it is not a bad idea to have these smartphone hacks by hand.

A zip bag being your best ally to go to the beach

We have already told you that, many times you go to the beach or to the pool with your phone. If it is resistant to dust and water, you will have no problem. But what if you don't have IP certification? Well, you have an easy solution: use an airtight bag to take it wherever you want.

Has your smartphone got wet? Rice is your best ally

Yes, it is one of the best-known smartphone tricks, but no less functional. We have tried it, and we already tell you that rice can save you from more than a hurry if your phone gets wet by mistake. Turn it on quickly and dip it in rice as soon as possible and leave it for at least one full day.

What happens if your telephone cable has been stripped?

One of the most typical failures of our charging cables is that they end up stripping. Especially those of the iPhone and iPad, which seem to be designed specifically for it. The solution? If you do not want to buy a new cable, wrap the old one with a straw cut from the side, the typical one you use to drink soda, and problem solved.

Improve the sound of your phone with a simple can

One of the biggest problems of most phones is that the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired. Especially because of the lack of power. The solution? Create a soundboard with a boat to improve sound quality.

Improve your photos with a simple folio

If you want to improve the photographs you take, the best thing you can do is use a blank sheet to act as a deflector. And eye, that the result you get is better than you imagine.

Use the flash of another phone to improve your photos

This mode is ideal for night mode. When you take a picture with the terminal flash, sometimes the photos get a little burnt. On the other hand, if you use another phone's flashlight to control the light, you can achieve much better results.

Give a touch of color to the flash by pasting a piece of transparent heat

Another of the best smartphone tricks you can do to improve the photo is to give a touch of color to the flash of your phone. Yes, there are countless applications to apply filters, but this particular system allows you to achieve much more natural results.

Always carry a clip on top to get the phone tray

Yes, it is an obvious fact that, the pinchito that comes when we buy a smartphone, is lost the second day. The solution? Always carry a clip or a needle, you can keep it in your wallet, to get you out of more trouble. And what do you think about our smartphone tricks? Can you think of new ones?