New images of Android Auto appear

During the Googe I / O last June, Google not only unveiled Android Wear, but also presented two new platforms: Android TV and Android Aunto. Today new images of the latter have come to light.

AndroidAuto is a redesigned Android adaptation to integrate into our cars, with a functional interface, beautiful and designed to be used effectively and to distract the driver as little as possible.

We leave you with one of images so that you see the concept that Google has in mind to be a reference in the world of the car also:

As you can see,Android L and Material Design are very present, giving a feeling of cleanliness and eliminating unnecessary elements for the driver.

At the bottom of the screen we will have a bar with shortcuts to the functions most used in a car (navigator, phone, music …). On the right side, access to voice searches (presumably, just by saying “OK Google” orders can also be given).

The upper part of the screen is the one that can baffle us the most, since a battery symbol appears and the status of the coverage, but we must remember that at the moment there are no vehicles that use this version of Android and that all the tests that are done today is through tablets or other mobile devices, so they can be icons that we don't see in a car.

We still don't know when we can enjoy the experience that Google wants to give us behind the wheel, but presumably we do not see models of cars equipped with Android Auto for at least a couple of years.

If you want to see more images of Android Auto, do not miss this gallery:

Will you buy a device for your car with Android Auto? Can Google position itself in the car market? Let us know!