Reduce data by listening to YouTube music thanks to this app

Although not intended for it, millions of users use Youtube on your Android to listen to music. This implies keeping the screen on, without changing the application and consuming battery and large amount of data. To enjoy a few songs may be valid, but it becomes a nuisance if the listening time is long. Although you can always use third-party apps.

The application we propose is called Music Pro. It is a music player that offers access to YouTube music and only music; saving data and battery with it. Use the YouTube API and only play streaming music; enabling an interface that is customizable on top.

Music Pro, a music player that connects to YouTube to organize the songs to your liking

With the application you will have a window open to YouTube without having to open your dedicated app. It is very simple, no need to login and you can from search songs to import your playlists. It even allows you to make your lists from Music Pro, it's up to you.

Once installed from the Apk (it is not in the Google Play Store) you just need to find your favorite music. Choose the artists, the songs, play them on the fly or organize them as you prefer: Music Pro will take care of accessing only the music while playing it in the background and also with the screen turned off. Yes, does not allow download, at all times you will consume your rate data (ideally you use it in WiFi).

The best of Music Pro, apart from playback with the screen turned off, it looks like a music player, as is. You can customize the color and on the cover of the song a disc will spin; allowing you to jump to a specific point in the music and play the lists in random, continuous … Come on, YouTube will be much more practical when making music streaming.

Music Pro It is a free application that is subsidized with some ads (YouTube music has no advertising) and through an in-app purchase. It does not allow you to download the music, but to listen to it with sufficient quality and in a very comfortable way. If you are interested in how to install it, download the Apk from its website. And you can follow the thread of its development, opting for a free premium account, from this thread of XDA Developers.