Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0“, 2019), the most compact tablet is renewed

It seems increasingly clear that Android is not an operating system in which tablets succeed as Google has thrown in the towel with this type of large-screen devices. But there are manufacturers who, like the irreducible Gauls headed by Astérix, are reluctant to leave the territory despite the invasion by their enemy.

This year we are attending a complete renovation of the Samsun tablet rangeg. Large screen, medium, with metal body and features somewhat contained for the desirable in a large format tablet. It is what happens with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019), the new tablet presented by the brand. And it is not that we invented the denomination, it is called just like that. Parentheses included.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019) It is a tablet that boasts 8 inches to show itself compact and very manageable; so it is especially valid for consuming multimedia content on a larger surface than the smartphone. The renewal of 2019 does not remove the essence of the brand, as seen in the design. Nor its conformist character in specifications.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019)

This new tablet follows the line marked by other devices in this segment offering an instantly recognizable "Galaxy look" and a metallic body which is protected by the usual tempered glass screen. Inside beats a quad-core processor at 2.0 GHz (in theory it is the Snapdragon 429); with a fair amount of storage and RAM.

Is Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019) It does not aspire to become one of the most powerful tablets, it is suitable for multimedia consumption at home and as a support for those who want a larger screen area than that offered by their mobile; without it being exaggerated in the hands.

Next you have the Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019):

  • Processor – Four cores at 2.0 GHz (Snapdragon 429, unconfirmed).
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage.
    • 32 GB
    • Space for SD card up to 512 GB.
  • screen.
    • Size: 8 inches.
    • Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels.
    • TFT technology
  • Rear camera.
  • Front camera.
  • Ports:
  • Drums: 5100 mAh
  • Others: Wifi Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, double speaker …
  • Measurements: 210 x 124.4 x 8 mm.
  • Weight: 345 g (Wi-Fi); 347 g (LTE).
  • System:
    • Android version: Android 9 Pie.

The tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019) Maintains appropriate dimensions for use with one hand, it is precisely what highlights the brand. The resolution is quite fair and in line with the limitations of the tablet itself: it should be valid for browsing, watching Netflix, social networks … To play titles that demand power it will surely be very limited.

This tablet has two options: or only WiFi or with 4G LTE. The characteristics are identical between both versions except for a couple of grams more in the model with mobile connectivity.

Price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019)

Samsung has announced the new tablet on its press website. At the moment it is not available or we know the countries where it will be distributed, but surely Spain is among them. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 2019) will come with two months including YouTube Premium and three months of Spotify Premium.