Shuttle, the best music player for Android

Mobile phones have become intelligent devices with which we can perform any task of everyday life; take pictures, communicate with our friends and acquaintances, or listen to music. This last task is very common and we can find many applications to listen to music.

By default we usually use players like Google Play Music, which allows you to listen to music from our internal memory as well as from the cloud, after previous monthly subscription. Google Play Music has the basic playback features, but Today we bring you an app for those who want more customization and more features in their music player.

Shuttle Music Player allows a total customization, allowing us to choose the background color we want among all existing or change the order of the tabs. Also It includes an integrated timer to automatically stop the music, Very useful for when we go to sleep with the music on.


Shuttle largely copy the Google Play Music interface, So the app will be familiar and we will not have problems in its use. We can change the color of the buttons and the background of the app at our whim, accessing the "Themes" section from the app settings, although the colors are very limited in the free version.


Undoubtedly, what is new is the inclusion of a timer, which we can program to turn off the music automatically after a certain time, Very useful for when we go to sleep with music, for example.

When we access Google Play Music we have to be switching to the “Songs” tab all the time, because In Shuttle we can select as default the “Songs” tab, saving this a lot of time.

Another advantage is the possibility of download all song cards automatically with the press of a single button. We can also create blacklists with the songs that we don't want to play automatically, for example excluding the typical WhatsApp audio that sound when we least expect it in our player.

Google Play | Shuttle Music Player

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