so you can play using a VPN

Summer is leaving us a lot of games on our mobiles. Some have already been released and others are about to do so; although there are titles found in «Soft launch» or geolocated launch. It is the case of the expected Pokémon Masters, the last title of the franchise that explores the 3C3 fights.

The final date for the release of Pokémon Masters worldwide is the August 29. Of course, there are two countries that currently have access to the Game tests: Canada and Singapore. As they confirmed in UpToDown, Pokémon Masters It allows access to anyone who uses a VPN to simulate a connection from the chosen countries. It is quite simple to get, so we recommend you try if you feel uncontrollable desire to access the game.

Pokémon Masters is a 3C3 fighting game where coaching collectibles prevail

We have been testing the game and, for our first impressions, it is attractive enough to recommend it even for the less "Pokéfans". It offers combat mechanics closer to console games, has a huge amount of Collectible trainers along with their Pokémon, includes a multitude of objects and attacks … And it relies heavily on micropayments even though Pokémon Masters allows you to enjoy your experience without paying a penny.

Let's go with the tutorial. Do you want to install and start Pokémon Masters on your Android mobile? So you can get it:

  • Install a VPN that gives you access to Singapore or Canada. Either country would be worth it, although we recommend the second one, Singapore. We also recommend a secure, reliable and free VPN: TunnelBear.
  • Download the Apk from UpToDown and wait to activate the tunneled connection.
  • Start the VPN and choose a tunnel to the chosen country. In our case Singapore.
  • Install the Apk of Pokémon Masters and run it
  • Accept the permissions and sign in with your Google account. You can also synchronize the session with your Nintendo account: in this way you will save the achievements for the final release of the game.
  • Download the extra data from Pokémon Masters. They are less than 400 MB and you get into the free 500 MB of TunnelBear.
  • Run the game and you only have to play.
  • Before leaving the game it is recommended force closure from the settings of your Android / Applications. Then turn off the VPN and reconnect it before playing.

Once you have installed Pokémon Masters You can play while maintaining the connection with the VPN. Of course, keep in mind that the game is in tests, so it may contain errors. And, as you need a connection, it will no longer be accessible every time there is server maintenance. This happens quite frequently.

Pokémon Masters is only in English. The Spanish will not be included until the final launch on August 29.