So you can play your PC games

Steam Link has finally decided to exit its beta phase on Android devices. With the arrival of the final version we have support for more than 200 mobiles in which we should have a much more stable experience.

In a world where Google Stadia promises that we can play on any device thanks to its large data centers, there are many doubts about the future of video games. Many think that the streaming It is the future, while many others believe that it is only a passing fad. Reality? streaming will be relevant, but it will not be the only medium that governs, we believe that the future is hybrid.

It seems that in Steam they think so too. Steam is the largest PC game store in digital format, but it also wants us to enjoy some of the benefits of the stream, which is why they have been working on Steam Link for years.

Unlike in Stadia, Steam wants you to play the games you have already bought on your mobile, but follow another procedure. Instead of running the game on a remote server, the game runs on your own computer that you already have at home.

How can I play my PC games

To start, it is necessary to have a modern PC with which you can play at a good level, and this also has to be connected to the Internet with good stability. Ideally, it would be connected via ethernet cable, but you can also broadcast if you have a very good Wi-Fi connection.

In the case of mobile, having a good Wi-Fi is essential. Steam recommends that our mobile phone have Wi-Fi ac, be connected to a 5 GHz network and we are not too far from the router. The good thing about Steam Link is that it is not necessary that we be at home, so even if we go to a friend's house and have a good connection (in both places, where the mobile is, but also where the PC is), we can to play.

This is not the case with 4G, since although in theory it is possible, we have not managed to make it work properly. It is also not recommended for the large use of data.

And what do we have to do to play?

  • On your PC it is necessary that Steam is started and updated.
  • For the first connection, the mobile must be on the same network as the PC. We download Steam Link and scan for equipment. Our PC should appear.
  • Press and a code will appear on the screen of our mobile.
  • And also a text box on the computer to enter the code that appears on the mobile, verifying that it is us.
  • It is possible that Steam asks you for an update at an intermediate point, and even that you have to restart the PC.

And we would already be connected to our computer. The truth is that without having played even tens of hours, with a good connection between the mobile and the PC we have perceived that the performance and latency are exceptionally good.

You can play with Steam controller or with any compatible mobile controller, but also with touch controls. We encourage you to try Steam Link if you are a gamer and want to enjoy your PC games on your mobile.