sync with Google Drive and better dark mode

File browsers are one of those applications that are essential for many. Although almost all phones include excellent alternatives, alternatives such as Google or Xiaomi are recommended to be able to install them for free on our mobile.

The Xiaomi file explorer is one of its best applications, and with the latest update it is even better. The file browser is now able to synchronize with your Google Drive accounts to access the data.

Xiaomi file explorer integrates with Google Drive

The Xiaomi file explorer has become a very popular application thanks to its good design and functionalities that allow us to clean the mobile with ease. In the last update they have added an interesting function, such as the possibility of connecting to our Google Drive folder.

For this function it is necessary to update the application and click on the side menu, where the remote folders are now also located. By selecting the Google Drive option you will ask us to log in with our Google account and you Let's give permissions to access our data.

Once given the permissions, we can explore our Google Drive folder, or even copy and paste the elements between the physical folders of the device and the cloud from the same application. An essential integration if you usually move between these files. This type of integration I use it a lot on my iPad with the application of Files, and is able to save us time.

Another observation that we have been able to make now that we are testing the application with the Android Q beta is that the dark mode of the Xiaomi file explorer is integrated with that of the system. This means that if we activate the dark mode of the system, the file browser itself will change to the dark mode. If we return to clear mode, it will return too.

The Xiaomi file explorer is an application Free and compatible with most Android phones, without being limited to Xiaomi devices. The test deserves proof.