Telegram reinvents the sending of messages: now they can be silent

Telegram It is not an application that is characterized by adding updates as it is responsible for testing all the news before delivering them to the public. Of course, when it updates it is because it is worth it since it is used to introduce notable changes. And most unique messaging apps, like the one that comes with the latest update: sending silent messages.

Imagine that you want to send a message to a contact and the time is not the most appropriate. It's three in the morning, you know he'll be sleeping and you still need to tell him something important. Before you could send a message and wish you had the phone in silence to avoid getting him out of the dream, but now you can opt for a very ingenious solution: send silent messages. How it sounds. Or not…

Make sure your messages are not going to bother with the new Telegram 5.10

We have found a solution as ingenious as practical: silent messages solve any mistake the contact may have. After all, how many times has the phone not woken us up just because we forgot to put it in silence? Or we may want to share something that is in no hurry: by sending it in silence we will know that the other person will read it when they enter Telegram, not because the mobile rings.

To send the new silent messages you just have to update the Telegram application to the version 5.10.0, write the message and press and hold the send button. A text called «will appearSend without sound«. Just release the send button and press on the message: the recipient will receive the shipment without ringing or vibrating the mobile. Yes the notification will appear.

In addition to the silent messages Telegram has introduced the following changes in the Android application:

  • Slow mode in groups. Administrators can mark the timeout for group users. In this way they will not saturate the conversation since they will only have permission to write a message from time to time; defined by the administrator.
  • Pseudonyms for group administrators. The "admins" have the option of putting on a nickname; which will appear next to the username, in each message.
  • Timestamps for videos. What do you send a video and want someone to watch a specific moment? You can define it before sending it.
  • Animated emojis. Telegram has animated, and made great, some Emojis: now they behave like an animated sticker.
  • New attachment menu. When sending a file we will get a new view with the most visible gallery elements. In addition, sending as a file is clearer: just choose the attachment, click on the three points and select «Send without compression«.

As always happens, the Telegram update for Android in the Google Play Store: you will have all the news just by downloading the new version. To her!