the app loads it with the update

Not that the widgets on Android they are very popular since a good part of the users has stopped using them, at least preferentially, but that does not mean that they have lost their usefulness. Do you keep any widget on the desktop? That of time, for example; or the Google search bar. Even the Spotify widget, the one that shows the music that is playing and gives the option to pause the songs, move them forward or backward. Practical, right? Well, say goodbye to him.

The penultimate version of Spotify for Android, which has as number, is the last one with the widget included. This implies that, if you upgrade to the next version, V8.5.18.932, you lose the said widget. The update does not bring much noticeable improvements, so you may find it more profitable to keep your Spotify outdated.

If you do not want to lose the Spotify widget it is best not to update the application

Above, old Spotify widget; Below, Material Music Widget

Not that the Spotify widget was kept up to date as it did not allow resizing its size (it was fixed at 4 x 1) and the design was quite "archaic", two signs that hinted at the low interest of Spotify Towards this function. Nor is it very useful since the system itself offers more practical operation from the lock screen or the notification area. Even so, it is a function that adds value to the app. And that has appeal to many users of the music streaming service.

If you use the Spotify widget, the best thing you can do is not update the application. If you already updated you can uninstall the installed version to return to the previous one: Download it from UpToDown and you will recover your widget. You can keep the application outdated for a while, although sooner or later you will have to renew it to continue using Spotify. Of course, you can use other widget apps.

If you want to keep the playback widget on your Android desktop, and also have Spotify updated, you can opt for other applications, such as one designed specifically for the job: Material Music Widget. It is compatible with Spotify and other music players, such as Youtube music. Simply install the widget, choose the default player, give it permission to access notifications and voila: you will not miss the Spotify widget. Material Music Widget It has various designs included and can be resized.