The application of time with an unusual design: Appy Weather

The weather applications They are a type of apps that is always present on any mobile. Either because it comes standard with one, as in most brands, as if the owner of the phone downloads his favorite. At this point there will always be favorite apps; and others that aspire to be thanks to the amount of information they offer, their potential or their design.

What is your preferred time application? Surely you have the winner among the thousands of options in the Google Play Store. If this is not the case today we propose a recent incorporation: Appy Weather. It is not new in itself since it first appeared on Windows Phone 5 years ago, but we can greet it as a newly released on Android. And it is very worth it.

The first thing we have to say is that Appy Weather is in English, with the drawback that this entails: since the application focuses on custom texts you need to have a certain command of the language to understand it. Beyond here you will only collide with the usual: an ad and in-app purchases. If you can assume the inconvenience we continue.

Appy Weather, a different and minimalist weather application that is highlighted by its meteorological texts

We reiterate the inconvenience of English as the main interest of Appy Weather It is the text interpretation of meteorological data. Even so, it is not very complicated to understand everything you want to tell us: the information is accurate, concrete and, why not say it, something fair in the number of data offered. The developer, of course, ensures that he will translate the app into Spanish, so it is only a matter of time (wink, wink).

The application icons are large and very well designed; fitting in large cards that will be the ones that inform of the current time and of the one that is anticipated for the next seven days. To know the forecast Appy Weather offers three lower navigation tabs: Hourly o forecast for hours; Timeline, the main page and cover where to see the current weather at a glance; Y Daily, the weather forecast for the next seven days. In addition, we will see that there is a small icon at the bottom right of the screen: this is used to display the forecast of different meteorological data; like rain, pressure, dew point, UV …

The huge text and icons They dominate this application of time. Just read, or look at these icons, to know that it will be two degrees less on the weekend or that tomorrow will be a cooler day. The interpretation of the meteorological data is the key since it is here where the soul of Appy Weather resides. In addition, it offers a clear theme and also dark theme, to choose.

Appy Weather is a free application that includes some ads and a subscription service to remove advertising and limitations: 4.49 euros per year. And speaking of limitations: Appy Weather allows ten daily queries, a limit that is set by the provider of the time from which the app takes the data. If your queries are sporadic you will not have problems.

We found it a very curious, different time application, with a style that does not seek to overwhelm the data, rather inform while enjoying the minimalist style. If you have not tried it, we recommend it: in spite of being in English, it is greatly enjoyed. It even has widgets …