The best Android tablet of 2019

Shopping guide of the best tablet Android 2019

Apple iPad is the focus of attention of many users of tablets, but as you have verified, the Android-based models are innumerable and with a greater variety of form factor, sizes and prices.

The tablet Android vary in screen size and qualities, with starting prices that can be placed in the 59. However, the offer is reduced if we search among the most advanced models that can compete with the iPad.

The main difference lies in the operating system and in the application environment. This has been equated in recent years, so that sooner or later, the applications launched for iOS, end up being also for Android and vice versa.

The last version of the operating system that runs in the tablet Android is Oreo 8.0 (Android 9.0 begins to be implemented). However, you don't miss it if you buy a new one tablet Android and turning it on you find an older version like Nougat 7.0 or Marshmallow 6.0.

The tablet Amazon Fire are a bit different, since they have their own FireOS operating system, although it is also based on Android. Check out this article on how to set up an Amazon Fire tablet If you are not very familiar with its interface.

In this report we wanted to include some Amazon Fire model, since they are excellent tablet designed for the family environment, offering a very good relationship of quality and price. Check here our article on the best tablet for girls and boys.

What size tablet I must buy?

The first factor to consider, in addition to the budget, is the screen size you want. This can vary between 7 and 13 inches of screen size, although most users, opt for 8 or 9 inch models, for its manageability.

And if you think about usability and mobility, it turns out to be the perfect size. The larger screen, have an extra weight associated. In fact, they are below 450 grams. Any heavier device can make handling difficult if you hold it for a long period of time.

If it turns out that you use it for your day, as it may be to consult information and respond to emails, a larger size may give you extra usage without having to resort to a laptop. Connect a wireless keyboard and you can create content.

How much storage do you need?

Unlike Apple iPad (check here the best iPad of 2019), Android models have the vast majority with microSD card slot, so you can add more storage when you need it.

The most basic models already have 16 or 32 GB of series, but keep in mind that the operating system itself already occupies some space of the initial amount. If you can opt for a higher quantity model for little money, we recommend that you do so.

What panels and screens to find?

Far is the time where the way to lower the prices tablet it was in lowering the quality of its screens, implementing models with TN technology panels in which the viewing angles were frankly deficient.

Removing the models from the entry level price range, our recommendation is that you look for IPS or AMOLED type screens. In terms of resolution, always a higher data implies that it is better, although the determining number is the pixel density.

A tablet whose display screen has a pixel density of at least 300 dpi, meaning that its image quality will have a clear appearance without irregularities in the display. What we consider acceptable.

What characteristics should I consider?

All Android tablets have wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, some even NFC. The latter is very interesting in smartphone since it allows mobile payments to be made, but it is not so decisive in a tablet.

What is useful is to have a video sanity to connect the tablet to a television (usually through HDMI). Alternatively, you can use a Google ChromeCast to watch TV shows, YouTube videos or other services without the need for cable.

Some tablets They also have GPS, something that some applications associated with location are supported. The SIM slot is another element to highlight if you are looking for a tablet with connectivity at all times.

Now the models of tablet with 3G or 4G they have a higher price, in addition to having to associate it with an operator's data plan. It is always possible to help with the connection of the smartphone to deploy a shared connection.

Performance, cameras and autonomous

We recommend you visit our section of reviews to know in depth the possibilities of each model. Keep in mind that the higher the number of processor cores, in general, the better performance.

You should also take into account the capacity of the battery. The best models usually offer a 10-hour drive playing video in normal conditions with any streaming service. The worst stay in 4 or 5 hours.

In the cameras section, even the best models of tablet they have been far behind what the smartphone with double or triple lens and quality up to 48 megapixels. That does not mean that you can make videoconferences with ease.

The best tablet Android 2019

one. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S4 last year, maintaining the sale price of its predecessor, which did not prevent it from providing it with technological innovations that have only been eclipsed by the arrival of the Galaxy Tab S5e, available since the beginning of the year.

It has a generous clean 10.5-inch screen without logos or start button that makes it take better advantage of its display surface, with a 16:10 contrast ratio that is appropriate for viewing video content.

It incorporates the software Samsung DeX to convert the tablet on a complete PC with a desktop if you connect it to a screen and operate with a keyboard and mouse. It emulates the operation of the range of smartphone Galaxy of the company.

It is undoubtedly one of the best tablet that you can buy for the quality of your Super AMOLED screen. Now that the Galaxy Tab S5e has gone on sale, it can be a good time to buy it at a great price.

two. Amazon Fire HD 8 2018

It's about the tablet older sister of the Fire 7, with a difference that can be key for many: the fact of having an 8-inch IPS screen with HD quality, a differentiating factor in this price range of input range.

It also gives the size in terms of sound, with two Dolby Atmos Dual stereo speakers that respond in cases that have to play video on streaming for a limited audience.

Do not forget that it is a tablet with Fire OS operating system and not with Android, so you do not have Google applications, except dedicated ones such as YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

You can find the Fire HD 8 With special covers for children of great protection, which leave the keypad in the air for easy use. You can find it with 16 or 32 GB capacity, expandable by microSD card slot. Do not expect to find 3G version, just wifi.

3. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

The price of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus Android tablet It closely resembles that of the 9.7-inch iPad which may cause some to doubt between acquiring one or another model. Far from reality, what Yoga Tab 3 Plus offers for this price is worth highlighting.

Accounts with the typical built-in support already adopted by the tablets Lenovo, with which you can use the device in different modes and situations without the need for an additional case. Also its screen and resolution are larger than those of the iPad.

The support makes it easy to hold with one hand when reading books, magazines or consulting web pages. Once you rest it on the table, the different viewing angles make it very comfortable to handle compared to any other tablet on the market.

Four. Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4

The MediaPad M5 model can be found on the market in two different screen sizes, either 8.4 or 10.8 inches. They both have an IPS LCD panel with 2K resolution and 16:10 format to facilitate video viewing in landscape mode.

The connection interface managed by The MediaPad M5 is USB C type, with 802.11ac and Bluebooth 4.2 Wi-Fi connectivity. They carry the EMUI 8.0 personalization layer over Android Oreo and the interface behaves especially easily helped by the 8-core Kirin 960s processor.

To highlight the Harman Kardon speakers that complement the sound quality, and the fingerprint sensor that behaves quickly and efficiently to unlock the tablet. If you are looking for a high-performance model and design, Huawei here makes a significant leap in quality.

5. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

With claims slightly lower than those presented by the MediaPad M5, the Mi Pad 4 model comes to please all that public looking for a compact tablet, manageable with one hand, thanks to its 8-inch screen.

Based on Android, the pixel density of its IPS panel is 283 dpi, in a size that supports resolutions of 1,920 x 1,200, the equivalent of Full HD quality. This translates into good brightness levels and wide viewing angles.

Another highlight of the Mi Pad 4 It is the capacity given by its batteries, of 6,000 mAh compared to other models with larger screen sizes. This guarantees more hours of use and, consequently, the ability to combine work and fun in the day to day. The charging time of it is less than 3 hours.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

With a 10.5-inch WQXGA Super AMOLED screen, the successor to the Galaxy Tab slightly changes its appearance to take better advantage of the frames and to release the new One UI software with Android 9.0 that Samsung has introduced in its Galaxy S10.

Under the chassis of the tablet whose weight is below 400 grams, we locate an octa-core processor at 2 GHz speed with 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of storage, depending on the model.

If something Samsung powers in its new model is the quality of visualization, the sound section with the 4 AKG speakers, as well as its camera sensors. And it allows you to record video content in 4K UHD quality at 30 fps (3,840 x 2160) if your strength is audiovisual creations.

With a protective case that performs keyboard functions, not included in the sale price, You can use the Galaxy Tab S5e for other needs, such as content generation. You can buy the wifi model, or, wifi with 4G.

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