The best cheap phones with 128 GB of memory

There is one aspect when acquiring a new smartphone that few give the necessary importance. Storage is something we only remember when we see the odious warning of "insufficient device space." Adding the aggravating fact that not always using a microSD card is the solution.

But, like the rest of the technologies we find under the casing of our device, storage has evolved exponentially. Not only for the capabilities achieved, but for the performance they offer today.

Storage is no longer a problem.

The first smartphones had less than 1GB of storage, which little by little have been adding figures; going through the 2, 4, 8, like this until reaching 16GB. ANDl minimum required today would be 32 GB so we don't have to worry in a season.

However, there are applications that are devouring of megabytes, as with WhatsApp; especially if we belong to some moderately active group. That application does not allow us to transfer it to an SD card and not all current devices have this option.

128 GB looked like another galaxy does nothing, now it is a usual figure

Given this situation, our only option is have a regular maintenance of our storage, something that it is always recommended. If it is not enough, and if you were looking for a new device, we have made a selection of phones with 128 GB without exceeding 300 euros.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

Our first recommendation comes from the hand of Xiaomi, embodied in the most affordable high end option manufacturer. The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite It is a device that offers some premium finishes thus differentiating itself from the lower ranges; together with more than solvent hardware.

A telephone that in general terms rivals the Xiaomi Mi A2 from the company itself, differentiating between the two by the software used, MIUI in the case of Mi 8 Lite. In addition to having a more refined and elegant design regarding the Android One model.

A smartphone that offers a great balance between the user experience and its price. Device that in recent times we can find in its 128GB version in offers which make it a highly recommended smartphone.

Redmi Note 7

The next option we put on the table is the king of the midrange, the maximum expression of Xiaomi in it. A smartphone presenting a balance between performance, finishes and an interesting photographic proposal.

And it is not for less since it has a main sensor on your 48 megapixel camera. In addition to putting at our disposal a great autonomy thanks to its 4000 mAh battery; which includes fast charging, so we will be away from the plug without worries.

Is available in various storage options, between them its 128GB version, which we can find at a reasonable price. Even more if we take into account everything that this Redmi Note 7 offers us together.

Xiaomi Mi A2

Again we find Xiaomi in our next proposal, it is what happens when the market is bombed … Although this time we are facing a different smartphone since belongs to the range of Android One; so we will have the best of Xiaomi and the best of Google on a device

The Xiaomi Mi A2 It is one of the most reasonable phones we can buy. Stand out for a hardware rather than solvent attached to the use of Android clean by Google.

Due to the arrival of the new Xiaomi Mi A3 it is possible that they will occur Mi A2 offers. And within the different storage options you can find the 128GB version at a very economical price. Ideal for those looking for a smartphone that will live up to a long time.

Honor 20 Lite

The next stop of our recommendations comes from the hand of Honor, the most youthful and casual side of Huawei. It offers a very careful and elegant design for a smartphone that has a good performance and one photographic experience taken to detail.

This time who takes the light from the spotlights are not their rear cameras, but their impressive 32 megapixel front camera. This makes the mobile one of the ideal options if you like selfies. A set that in its 128GB version it is postulated as a great option.

Motorola One Vision

We have arrived before one of the covers of the year, Motorola's latest proposal for lovers of Android One. It is a smartphone that has gone through the analysis of The Free Android leaving a very good experience in general. It is one of the riskier proposals that exist in this price range.

The list of features that make Motorola One Vision special is quite extensive, starting with its 21: 9 display aspect ratio, your island-shaped front camera and its versatile 48 megapixel rear camera.

Being a device under the seal of Android One we will enjoy 2 years of system updates Y 3 years of security updates As minimum; running as one of the great alternatives to the Xiaomi Mi A3.

Samsung Galaxy A50

And as a last proposal we find the best-selling phone we have in 2019. Samsung has managed to reinvent itself in the mid-range by offering a device that It contains all the features that users look for on a smartphone

The main claim of Samsung Galaxy A50 is on your screen 6.4-inch Super AMOLED. Accompanied by a fingerprint reader under the same screen and thus offering upper range features at a balanced price.

Completing the set we will have a more than solvent performance with a remarkable photographic section thanks to the wide range of sensors that it puts at our disposal. A device ideal for those looking for the latest news on a smartphone