The best covers for the Samsung Galaxy S9

Both the Galaxy S9, and Samsung's Galaxy S9 Plus, are terminals premium that were presented last year, which require a large investment. In this way, you should protect your screen and the terminal from breakage or shock.

Months have passed since its presentation and prices have fallen to the point where it is possible to find the Samsung Galaxy S9 at a price below 600 , while in the case of Galaxy S9 Plus, the current price is 598.49, descending almost 400 of its original launch price.

In this way, we wanted to compile a whole series of covers and protective cases to prevent the terminals from being damaged by a simple one or scratches on their screen.

In the event that you own the other model of smartphone The flagship of the company, the Galaxy Note 9, we also have this complete article in which you can choose between the best covers for the Galaxy Note 9.

We have not had occasion to try first hand all the ones we show in the article. However, we know the brands and have seen cases of quality in most of these brands for other phone models on the market.

one. Clear View Standing Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9

If you are looking for a case model in book format that protects the screen and the back, in addition to serving as a lectern stand to view multimedia content on the mobile, the Samsung official is a great choice.

It is a case that has demonstrated great functionality throughout the years throughout the saga of Galaxy models, such as the S8, S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8.

Its front cover is translucent in a way that allows viewing notifications, while retaining the touch functions of the screen even when it is closed.

For example, you can tap on it to answer or reject a call when it is received, which is a useful feature if you do not want to have to constantly open the protective case. If you drop your phone during a conversation, it will continue to have its screen protected.

The Galaxy S9 Plus version is available for 49.90 / 31.44 on Amazon.

two. Hyperknit for Samsung Galaxy S9

Another of the great models offered by Samsung itself, which has been released with the arrival of the Galaxy S9 generation is the Hyperknit.

It offers a different surface so far, with fabric texture (similar to the fabric that is usually found in sneakers or running shoes), with which Samsung promises a corner-to-corner protection.

This lightweight case is also compatible with the Qi wireless charging that the mobile supports, a real advantage so that it does not affect the charging times offered and handled by compatible chargers.

You can get them for the S9 Plus in gray or red hue for a recommended price of 34.90 / 9 on Amazon.

3. Incipio Dualpro for Galaxy S9

This simple cut case can be the most interesting when it comes to stopping the damage caused by each one from a great height. Its soft finish and pleasant to the touch, presents a great robustness in what are its edges.

Although it may turn out to be a case that increases the size of the terminal somewhat more than expected, the flexible rubber serves to offer a whole bumper against possible impacts. For its part, the exterior is somewhat stiffer to hold the device firm.

You can find it at a recommended price of 32.64 on Amazon, the same price you can find it for the Galaxy S9 Plus model.

Four. Poetic Nubuck for Samsung Galaxy S9

The Nubuck is a case that especially reinforces the edges of the Galaxy S9 and is interesting for its price for those with a somewhat more limited budget. From our experience with a similar model for other previous smartphones, it is light and resists the passage of time well.

The Nubuck has a legend located at the back where you can host any credit card or even the transport pass to provide you with a comfortable and quick access to it.

The cover combines very well the areas of the corners with rubber finishes, with the area of ​​synthetic leather to be more pleasant to the touch and its grip. You can find her at a price of 12.72 both the version for the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus. The larger size will not cost you extra.

5. Poetic Revolution for Samsung Galaxy S9

A second option of this manufacturer that differs from the previous one by the fact of including a protective screen film that applies pressure on the curved edges of the Galaxy S to protect the front, with thermoplastic polyurethane materials.

In fact, the protector is not made of tempered glass, but it is flexible plastic that allows us to adjust it better to the curved edges of the Galaxy S9 screen.

For its part, the edges have a rough area that offer an additional grip.

We have verified how the case is compatible with the wireless charging of the base of the Samsung Dock Wireless. You can find it at a recommended retail price of 13.49 and with finishes in black, red or blue colors. With them you cover the ports of smartphone against dust or particles of any kind.

6. Provides Carbon Ultra for Samsung Galaxy S9

Of robust and serious aspect, the Proporta case is extremely light thinking of those users who are very demanding with this section, as well as the volume of it.

The cover, coated with highly durable and impact resistant carbon fiber materials, is 2 mm thick. This does not mean that the Carbon Ultra case is rigid to fit like a glove to your new Galaxy S9.

It is compatible with wireless charging, a fact that seems essential for the vast majority of users who in one way or another opt for this method of recharging the battery every night.

In addition, the firm offers a guarantee of changing it for life if the materials suffer an unexpected break or not attributable to the passage of time. For an approximate price of 16.95, You will have an easily washable cover even under the tap.

7. Provides Carbon Opus Folio for Samsung Galaxy S9

Another great offer of the Proporta company that offers additional protection for the screen thanks to the front flap that also allows it to be folded as a support.

Its manufacture is made of nappa leather material and has been proven to withstand the strong impacts even the firing of a shotgun, something that we obviously have not tested.

In this way, we find that the frontal protective flap is somewhat heavy, the toll to be paid in exchange for obtaining high protection.

The Carbon Opus Folio for the Galaxy S9 Support wireless charging too. In the same way, it is possible to use the telephone and answer calls without having to deploy its flap in order to use it comfortably with one hand.

In fact, the case is great and allows you to use it along with the typical car holders, making it easier to use while driving.

8. Super Thin Peel for Samsung Galaxy S9

If you are one of those who are worried about the thickness of the mobile after incorporating a protective case, then you should value the acquisition of a model like the one discussed here. The Peel Super Thin, as its name suggests, guarantees a thickness of only 0.35 mm.

It is designed to maintain the original appearance of the Galaxy S9 so it does not add any additional logo or brand.

Its wall light is simple. Simply slide the phone inside and check that it fits perfectly. Keep in mind that although protecting the phone from daily scratches or scratches on its screen, it is not a case resistant to falls or impacts.

The Super Thin case of the Peel company It is available for 26 in three possible finishes: gray, silver and navy, although the silver color is quite similar to a matt white.

9. MNML Thin for Samsung Galaxy S9

MNML (pronounced minimal) follows the same line presented by the Peel company when it comes to manufacturing a minimalist protection case with a simple design. In this way, neither find in this model any mark on the structure.

In fact, it is in the line of lightness of the previously commented. The only difference is that in the case of MNML it is slightly cheaper. You can also find it in Amazon at a price of 14.99 different colors, including purple and coral blue.

10. Griffin Survivor Strong for Samsung Galaxy S9

Within the Griffin brand there are models of high-strength protection cases that are very focused on protecting products in maximum situations

With a matte finish and non-slip rubber material, the Griffin Survivor Strong guarantees resistance to falls up to 2 meters high, something that can save you from breaking the screen if you drop it when you take it out of your pocket or take it by the hand.

It is available in different colors and finishes that allow you to combine them with your tastes or with the finishes that your Galaxy S9 has.

eleven. UAG Armor Gear Plyo for Samsung Galaxy S9

To talk about Urban Armor Gear covers (UAG for short) is to talk about resistance and durability. The Plyo is robust and resistant, in addition to facilitating the flexibility of the case when fixing it to the mobile.

At the level of resistance, the Plyo claims to comply with the strict military standards of tests for each MIL STD 810G 516.6. Also based on the finishes of the same, we positively appreciate the fact that fingerprint stains are not marked by daily use.

The keypad of the Galaxy S9 present on its sides is also protected, being far from coming into contact with liquids and dirt.

It is possible to obtain the Plyo from UAG in four different colors, all of them with a 3-year warranty. If you are looking for the additional version for your Galaxy S9 Plus You can find it for just 2 ms.

12. UAG Monarch for Samsung Galaxy S9

If you are one of those who usually work outdoors, or practice extreme outdoor sports, you should consider buying a case of this type for your Galaxy S9.

The Monarch model also from the UAG company features metal and rubber alloy finishes designed to guarantee impact resistance. It has an incentive to protect the screen even when you place the mobile face down on the table by the type of edges.

The Monarch of Urban Armon Gear It has 5 different layers of protection, has a great grip texture and complies with the standard for military purposes. In addition, it offers a limited warranty of 10 years, which justifies its price difference compared to the rest.

13. OIixar Vulcan for Samsung Galaxy S9

The proposal of Olixar has been selected by our team among all the multitude of offers that are on the market for the differentiation it offers when it comes to being able to carry the mobile, in this case the Galaxy S9, hung around the neck.

It has a clip on the back that rotates 360 degrees to which you can attach a cord so you can comfortably carry it with the security that if the mobile slips from your hands, never fall to the ground.

At the resistance level, it is structurally a hybrid case that has two layers of polycarbonate protection to absorb shocks or scratches. The cord hook also has a second function, since it can be deployed to support the table and watch videos.

The non-slip coating of the OIixar Vulcan It facilitates the grip, in addition to having 2 years of warranty established by the manufacturer.

14. Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +

However long the Galaxy S9 battery is, there are always days of intense use that may leave you out of play in the middle of the afternoon. In order to avoid these situations, the company Mophie is knowledgeable about the marketing of its covers with a built-in battery.

It is the case of Mophie Juice Pack model for the Galaxy S9 and S9 + whose sale price amounts to 99.95, the same as that presented by the Samsung model with larger screen size.

It adds an additional capacity of 2,070 mAh with which the mobile receives an additional use time that can reach up to 35 hours depending on the use we make of it.

Another big point in its favor is the fact that the universal case is compatible with Qi Wireless wireless charging systems, while fully maintaining the functionality. Of extremely fine design, you will notice that you carry the case for the additional weight.

It has at the bottom of it a keypad and 5 LED indicators with which to check the level of charge of it. Being divided into two parts, the placement on the Galaxy S9 is simple and does not require great skill.

fifteen. Mujjo Full Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

The Dutch design firm has been known for years for the manufacture of high-quality cases with leather finishes for top-of-the-range mobile terminals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9.

In addition to adhering perfectly to the terminal, it has a stitched pocket on the back in which you can store several credit cards or even the identity card or the public transport card.

The leather raises the thickness of the Galaxy S9 just a millimeter above the edge of the screen, creating a kind of bezel that allows keeping the surface of the screen clean without coming into direct contact with the surface when it is supported upside down.

Each case is treated with aniline oil to enrich the color tones, which have now been expanded. It is because of that the price of the commented here Mujjo Full Wallet Case in olive green, it is slightly higher than that of black finishes whose price is 5 euros lower.

16. Samsung Galaxy S9 Alcantara

The proposal developed by the Galaxy S9 manufacturer itself adds a touch of sophistication and differential elements compared to the rest. In fact, the Alcantara Cover has a very peculiar fabric similar to the interior of high-end cars to facilitate grip.

The Alcantara can be purchased directly through the Samsung online storeor opt for stores like Amazon where these days you can find it at much lower prices.

Being a model specifically offered by the manufacturer of the terminal, it can be considered the official of the brand, so there is no doubt that fits the Galaxy S9, leaving free access to the side keypad of the terminal.

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