The best gaming laptops of 2019

The gaming laptops have become thinner, lighter and more powerful, to which we must add that they increasingly optimize energy efficiency to increase their autonomy. We review and classify the best gaming laptops of the year and explain to you in what aspects you should look before the purchase.

Guide to buying the best laptops gaming for 2019 games

There are several aspects that you should take into account when looking for a laptop that offers reasonable mobility and performance. If you add the price index to this, the choice is complicated by having to shuffle various variables.

You need a CPU that is trained in cores and speeds. Also a graphics chip powerful enough to withstand high resolutions without losing graphics details.

No less important is the amount of system RAM and storage, with drives that offer large capacity for storing games and other files. Finally, a reasonable resolution screen next to a design chassis that supports the shipments as a result of your travels.

With all this in mind, we have developed a series of buying tips for each laptop component to help you in your final decision. You can check here if you want, how to know what hardware has my pc: How to know the graphics, CPU and RAM.

Which processor is the best?

If we talk about Intel as the leading manufacturer of notebook chips worldwide, its 7-generation Intel Core processors whose code name is Kaby Lake, adapt well to the requirements of a laptop gaming

However, the 8th and last generation named in Coffee Lake code is even more energy efficient, while providing a considerable increase in performance.

As you see below, many of the equipment shown here have eighth-generation chips, but choosing an earlier model from the previous year could translate into a better price for your pocket. You don't need a Coffee Lake chip to face the future.

You may have heard of Intel's new Intel Core i9, which have begun to appear on some computers, including Apple's MacBook Pro. With our recommendations, we hope your decision is the most accurate.

What graphics card to choose?

Undoubtedly, the graphics chip is the most important component of any laptop for gaming, since it does most of the work when the game runs on your computer, freeing up the workload of the CPU.

In addition, unlike what happens with a desktop PC, you will not be able to access its interior to update or replace the graphics card at any given time, so the decision you initially take will be decisive.

The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, 1080, 1070, 1060 and 1050 graphics chip laptops will be the ones that you should mostly keep in mind when buying your new equipment. Versions Max Q versions of these graphics, created to fit inside the laptop chassis.

The GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti can be found in portable configurations gaming A little cheaper. Predictably they can go down, but the reality is that they continue to remain around 1000. Current demand for graphics to encrypt cryptocurrencies is raising the price of GPUs.

What screen do I need?

The screens of the laptops have improved considerably in recent years, to offer resolutions considered Full HD (1980 x 1080 pixels), also using a better technology than the basic TN type panels found in cheap laptops.

As much as possible, search among the range of laptops with IPS panels, which offer a wide and consistent view from all possible angles, in addition to a better contrast ratio and a wider and more real range of colors.

Do not be fooled by the brightness of the screen: the contrast ratio, especially with lower brightness settings, is much more important than dazzling your eyes with values ​​greater than 300 cd / m2.

You may find screens with anti-reflective finishes that are more practical if you use them in offices, reversing the trend of high-gloss reflective panels that were previously unavoidable for most brands.

The price of laptops is also related to the resolution of the screen. When they are higher than HD, such as UHD or 4K, graphics chips will need to offer higher performance to move games.

Keep in mind that for most players, FHD (1920 x 1080) or QHD (2560 x 1440) will offer enough values ​​to represent a high level of detail, with very acceptable fps display rates.

If what you want is to offer a smoother and smoother viewing experience, you can purchase 1080p or 1440p models with a screen refresh rate between 120 and 144 Hz, values ​​that drive the Razer Blade 15 or Asus ROG Scar 2 devices of the comparative

How much storage do I need and what type?

Without a doubt, the solid state storage units have greatly improved the performance and consumption that traditional hard drives with mechanical parts have been offering. The user experience when it comes to turning on a PC immediately, starting programs, or opening and saving files, has changed considerably, reducing times significantly.

This will not make the games run faster, although it can reduce the loading times between levels, in addition to causing them to start faster.

However, NVMe unit solutions that use the motherboard's PCIe connection to connect to the system have proliferated for some time. Our recommendation is that if you can acquire a configuration with this type of unit, opt for it to provide your operating system with a higher speed (3 times that achieved with SSDs). Remember that modern games take up a lot of space.

Do gaming laptops have better sound?

The sound in the laptops for gaming It has improved integers in recent years, in addition to the fact that manufacturers manage to make equipment that turns out to be quieter in order not to disturb your game.

In addition to the headphone output, there are many brands that have been associated with other prestigious sound in order to offer a set of surround speakers for those cases in which you do not use headphones.

Thus, we can see solutions from B&O, Harman Kardon, Onkyo or Dolby Surround. Our experience is that sometimes you will be able to appreciate these differences, but it does not always imply that you will have a better sound experience. We also tell you our opinion of each one of them.

Battery life and other aspects

The autonomy of the laptop may not be as decisive as the users who work daily with their laptops on journeys or journeys can look for. The portable user for gaming give priority to mobility over autonomy.

In addition, the power of the processor has a direct impact on energy consumption, so if you opt for a high-performance laptop, the equipment is hardly efficient, energy-efficient. We will see all these aspects below.

The best laptops for gaming from 2019

one. Razer Blade 15

The Razer Blade 15 is a powerful notebook within the area gaming. The company, specialized in all types of accessories for this market, currently has a portfolio of 7 teams that include the most powerful graphics chips next to the hardware High performance

The Razer Blade 15 screen It also lives up to the circumstances. The commented here has an IPS panel with the possibility to choose between the model with FullHD resolution, or the 4K quality one working at 60 fps and in multi-touch mode.

At the specifications level, it includes the 8th Generation Core i7 processor and an Nvidia RTX 2070 Max Q graphic. You can also find this same model with GTX 1070 graphic in the Full HD display mode at a cheaper price.

two. Gigabyte Aero 15X

The Gigabyte Aero 15X v8 model comes with a balanced configuration thinking of those users who want to combine working hours with leisure time in a lightweight portable format that is easy to transport.

Its 4K screen is excellent, with a rugged construction quality in general lines and a configuration designed to handle the latest games titles at a resolution of 1080p.

For connectivity purposes, the Aero 15X guarantees the new connection modalities USB C and Thunderbolt 3 along with the more traditional Ethernet network connection, HDMI 2.0 output and three USB 3.0 ports. Its backlit keyboard also allows you to focus more on the game and the controls.

3. Asus ROG Strix Scar 2

For design purposes, the ROG of Asus has evolved compared to the previous generation with a narrower screen frame and more modern visagras that aesthetically make it more colorful, although it maintains a weight of 2.54 kg and thickness of up to 26 mm.

Another improvement of Asus ROG Strix Scar 2 It is offered by the type of keyboard, with highlighted WASD keys and in transparent mode to be able to locate them immediately by the player. Its AURA illumination does the rest with improved membranes that speed up the pulsation recording.

If you can put aside the fact that it is a somewhat heavy solution, as well as that your battery is not as long-lasting, the rest of the aspects will not disappoint you, whether by design, variety of ports and response of keyboard and trackpad

Four. Alienware M15

If you are willing to pay for a powerful and mobile solution, Dell Alienware m15 offers a multitude of configuration options, starting at an economical price that is currently at 1,449.

Unlike the vast majority of laptops, the Alienware m15 It still has connectivity on its back, along with a cooling system known as bee panels that guarantees an optimal indoor temperature for its components to work.

If you don't mind paying an extra price for portability, the m15 is one of the best options to simulate great lighting details. The thinner and lighter design does not take its toll on its power and performance, with a battery life also very positive.

Point out that these Alienware notebook models AlienFX mSeries are sold in our country with alphanumeric keys in English (US international), a detail to consider if you consider it important for you.

5. Acer Aspire VX15

Looking at the purchase price of the Aspire VX15, we might well think that it is the PC configuration for gaming that best meets the needs of the mass public, with a price lower than 700 which is sometimes half of what other models cost.

The secret? It seems to be based on the quality of the components, such as the laptop case, which is basically plastic. That does not mean that for cooling it has large vents with contours in red.

When playing a video in loop mode at 720p quality, The Aspire VX15 lasts about six hours and 40 minutes, Enough value to use as a productivity PC, and not far from the best 9-hour times offered by Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming.

But let's not fool ourselves, since the contrast of the screen and the somewhat weak colors will not make your games look splendid, although others like the Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming have a similar problem. Don't feel comfortable with him either. trackpad offered, something you can solve with an external mouse.

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