The Galaxy Note 10+ breaks screen and photo records

The new Galaxy Note 10 arrive at a key point where the company needs to prove that they continue to deserve to be the largest smartphone manufacturer. Although it is a mobile that can not be purchased yet, some expert studies have been able to test the best version of this mobile and certify that it is at a high level in two key aspects.

The two aspects in which the Galaxy Note 10+ seems to stand out are highly valued aspects in the highest range, such as the screen and the camera. In both cases the best (and most expensive) Samsung mobile tries to justify its value with absolute technical deployment.

What do these tests mean?

  • The DisplayMate test defines the quality of the screen in aspects such as color accuracy, maximum brightness or contrast, among many other aspects. These values ​​are absolute terms to define the quality of a panel, although it does not mean that even the best one can visually attract you more than another mobile.
  • In the case of DisplayMate, the results usually lead to greater controversy, since a higher score does not usually guarantee the best experience. Tastes in terms of photography are more complicated to value with a note, and although the note obtained is a valuable reference, we should not consider it as an absolute. It is better that you go judging you take them in the analyzes, or even in personal tests if you have the opportunity.

What conclusion can I draw? Although the Galaxy Note 10+ is spectacular, we have reached a level of improvement in which quality is measured in small details. If you want the most of the maximum, there is no doubt about the quality of the latest Galaxy. However, if stylus is not a priority for you, the S10 + is not that far away and you save hundreds of euros. These decisions are personal and depends on how much you can assess the difference.

The best screen score

Recently, DisplayMate has published its analysis on the Galaxy Note 10+, the company's latest flagship. It's not a surprise that this mobile has the best screen on the market, and that is that for years, Samsung has been a leader, and each new release of a Galaxy S or a Note makes its screen the best mobile screen. At certain times these screens have been overcome, but it is no less negligible.

DisplayMate has awarded the A + grade, so it goes directly into the best category of screens. A category in which there are several Samsung phones, the iPhone X and XS, the Pixel 3 XL and the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Although they are in the same category, the Galaxy Note 10+ has broken records in no less than 13 categories, highlighting color accuracy, brightness and contrast.

You can read the extensive analysis in DisplayMate.

The best score in photography, according to DxOMark

Measure photographic quality it's much more complicated, for the wide variety of scenes to take pictures. DxOMark analyzes are extensive, but it is impossible for them to meet such a vast spectrum.

Even so, they are tests intensive enough to take their analysis into consideration. The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, specifically, has scored an overall score of 113 points, beating both the Galaxy S10 + 5G and the Huawei P30 Pro. It is possible that this achievement does not take long to be surpassed by the Huawei Mate 30 when it is presented, but until its launch we will not know.

You can read the photographic analysis of DxOMark on its website.