The new LG mobile is filtered and looks very good

LG is currently in a reinvention phase, and the LG G8X that has been leaked by OnLeaks could define the future of the brand in regards to smartphones. Without becoming an innovative design, if you have some details that seem worthy of mention, details that would be great to be copied by your competition.

The LG G8X appears filtered and we like it

The design of smartphones could be cataloged by many as boring. There is a clear tendency to get the entire front screen, something that makes a mobile phone more and more indistinguishable from another. However, to say that all mobiles are the same is why it is like saying that all cars are the same because their wheels are round, they have four doors and a steering wheel.

In this last generation, LG has stayed behind the trends of the market, as we told you in our analysis of the LG G8S. The manufacturer incorporated interesting technologies such as its z camera, but the perception of users has been more to find what is missing. «The notch is large and has no fingerprint reader on the screen».

It seems that all that feedback has been taken into account, and the next terminal of the brand, nicknamed according to the leaks as LG G8X Follow that line. The notch is of a limited size to the space of the camera, leaving aside the facial recognition by infrared and betting on the fingerprint reader on the screen.

However, these seem to be the only aspects in which LG has chosen to resign. The manufacturer keep the audio jack and the dedicated button for Google Assistant, something that is noteworthy.

In the choice of cameras it seems that LG would take a step back by incorporating only two photographic sensors, so we could expect that the price of this mobile is not very high (since the G8S is more affordable than the direct rivals it points to ).

Stresses that the cameras are at the same height of the rear glass, not highlighting the design of the terminal. If we consider the standard size of a current photographic sensor, this would indicate that the G8X would be thicker, so we are likely to find a terminal that stands out for having a bigger battery, something that would be great.

What do we expect from this LG G8X? After analyzing the G8S, I would like the G8X to maintain that excellent level in screen and sound, maintain the level in performance and photography and keep the software progressing to a cleaner version of Android. LG is doing a good job, but there is still room to take a big step forward.