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On August 7, the Korean manufacturer presented its new generation of flagships of the Note family. This time, the firm surprised us by showing two models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, In addition to a more vitaminized version, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. But what are the keys to these devices?

After the official presentation of the two terminals, we had the opportunity to give you our first impressions after testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Now, it's good to know the good and the bad of the new generation of Galaxy Note terminals from the Sel-based firm.

The good and the bad we have checked in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Broadly speaking, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is quite a wonder as a mobile device: it has an exquisite design, high-end hardware and some very interesting surprises. Although all that glitters is not gold. Therefore, we will show you the best and the worst of the new flagship of the family of Samsung phablets.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is available in two sizes: One of the great advantages surprises is the arrival of two versions. And yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 continues with the wake of the previous models, with that mastodntica screen. The good thing is that, now we can choose between two different sizes: one of 6.8 inches, or a more restrained version, with 6.3 inches. In this way, you can choose which model best suits your needs.
  • The Stylus offers a large number of functionalities: Another of the great novelties that must be taken into account is the different functions that come with the S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. For example, we can use the optical pen to navigate the interface
  • Very improved security methods: The on-screen fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, along with its facial recognition system has improved markedly.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera does not innovate excessively: we are facing one of the best configurations in the market, offering a superb photographic section. But we would have liked something new, to make a difference.
  • DeX, the best novelty of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: The fact that we can use desktop mode with just one cable is excellent news. The best? That we can use it in both Windows 10 and Mac.
  • An inexhaustible battery: Another of the points we liked most about the new phablets is their battery. In addition to offering an excellent autonomy, we have 25 and 45 W of fast load.
  • Height storage configurations: The two models arrive with 256 and 512 GB, excellent news. Although we bring bad news: the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does not have a microSD card slot.
  • No headphone output: One of the points that hurt us the most is the lack of a 3.5 mm jack on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. He has always brought it historically, which is why this lack has disappointed us.
  • An even more powerful processor: Samsung has opted for the Exynos 9825 processor. A SoC manufactured in a 7-nanometer process that promises an energy improvement, in addition to superior performance.
  • Video mode looks really good: Although the camera does not innovate excessively in the technical section, we have a detail that we loved: the Live Focus Video mode. This mode allows us to make videos with blur, in addition to editing through an application created by Adobe among other improvements.

Two very complete models that paint really well, although they have some detail that we have not finished liking. Seeing the advantages and disadvantages of these devices, it is worth buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or the Note 10+? Without a doubt, it is a sure hit.


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