This YouTube video shows the Galaxy Note 10 in all its glory

These are samples of the Galaxy note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Mobile fun

Days away Galaxy Note 10 launch, a British accessories company has just published a video on YouTube with alleged real models of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, confirming design, size and that there will be at least two models.

The Mobile Fun store published a four-minute video, in which we can appreciate the two devices from every corner and angle possible, and even compare with the Galaxy note 9.

These two cell phones that are seen in the video are not real, they are models that would have been sent by a case manufacturer to the British store and, according to the source, there will also be a 5G version of the top model.

The Galaxy Note 10 will launch on August 7 at an event in New York. We will give you coverage from the Barclays Center and we will have a live blog in which we will take you step by step all the details of the device.

The video points out that one of the main differences with the Galaxy Note 9 It will be that the rear cameras are rotated and that there is no longer a port for headphones.

Mobile fun

The front camera of the Galaxy Note 10 in the video is a single lens in the middle of the screen, so the company, according to the video, will not be following the design of the Galaxy S10 Plus, which had two sensors posted in a corner.

Of course, the video points out that the Galaxy Note 10 Plus will have a fourth camera, which will differentiate it from its younger brother, that it will only have three cameras. The video also makes a size comparison, indicating that the largest is 6.8 inches, and the smallest 6.3 inches.

Mobile fun

These models of the Galaxy Note 10 will confirm many of the expected rumors of the two devices, in addition to the rumor about a 5G version. The device maintains the S-Pen, although the video does not mention developments in this aspect.

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What we expect from the Galaxy Note 10


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